Dating Multiple Dudes at Once Could Be Why You Haven’t Found Bae

Having a bunch of side baes is a total fuckgirl move.

Why put all eggs in one douchebag’s basket? It’s way safer to be talking to a bunch of dudes at once so if one ghosts you, you’ll have six more ready take you out, right?

Well, while this tried and true method is great for not getting your heart broken, it might also be because you can’t get your heart broken if you never really cared about anyone in the first place.

This back-up plan method, or benching, as it’s recently been dubbed, could actually be the reason why you haven’t found someone that you actually like, according to a recent study publishing in Psychology Today.

Granted, the study talks about a backup plan in general, not in your love life, but then again, it wouldn’t really be possible to test actual benching in a regulated experiment.

And think about it, when you are talking to ten dudes, it’s hard to focus on one. Even if you’d normally fall for that guy with the long hair and great sense of humor, you hold back because you have so many other options and don’t want to commit. Sure, this is great if you’re not trying to catch feelings and shit, but also can make you feel even more alone sometimes, according to studies.

If the fact that benching is kind of an asshole move won’t convince you to stop having side-hoes as your backup plan, maybe this little tidbit of info will. Or maybe it won’t and you’ll continue mass-texting “I’m horny” to your roster of dudes every Saturday night. You do you, girl.

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