The 6 Most Basic Coachella Instagram Posts

If you went to Coachella and didn’t Instagram (or Snapchat) it, did you even really go to Coachella?

Weekend One of Coachella has come and gone, and everyone there made sure to Instagram as much as possible. You might be feeling the FOMO hard if you weren’t there. But at least rest assured that if your friends instagrammed one of the six below posts, they might be basic.

1. The Ferris Wheel

#Coachella😍😊😄☀🌺🌸✨🌴🌴🌴💞💗💖💃👯#coachella #california

A photo posted by @tumblr_mixedphoto on

Like booty is to Kim K, Le Grande Wheel is to Coachella. Something about the silhouette of a ferris wheel against the desert sunset is pretty damn beautiful. The thing is, everyone at Coachella knows what the ferris wheel looks like, from the bottom and the top. Even those who have never been anywhere near Coachella know what that damn ferris wheel looks like. Unless you got a once in a lifetime shot of a shooting star flying past the thing, we don’t really give a fuck.

2. Braids, Not Flower Crowns


A photo posted by King Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

The use of flower crowns has severely diminished since they’ve become a cliché, and it seems that this year they were replaced with the currently trendy boxer braids. Just because people weren’t wearing faux-flowers on their head doesn’t mean that they weren’t going to Snapchat what was going on with their hair, obviously.

3. A Snapchat Flower Crown Selfie

…🌺🌾Coachella Selfie 🙊 #NOT #maybenextweekend #coachella #festive #snapchatfilter #instalifo #instagramer #potd

A photo posted by Constantina Anisson (@anissongram) on

As we’ve established, no one wears flower crowns to Coachella anymore. But the notorious headgear is synonymous with the festival. So Snapchat decided to give non-Coachella goers a taste of the action by having a flower-crown filter up this weekend. The filter is still up today, in case you missed it, but don’t bother Instagramming it because it looks like half of the planet already has. 

3. An Obscene Pool Floatie

#perfect #poolparty #palmsprings #coachella

A photo posted by @pineappplegirl on

We’re not sure exactly where the pool floatie trend came into play, but nothing makes a sexy bikini selfie better than a pool toy shaped like a swan, pretzel, or donut, am I right? It seemed like every pool party that was worth going to this weekend had at least one poolside prop for party goers, and there was probably a line of bloggers waiting to take a pic on them.

4. A Pic With A Celeb

@theprincessmichala: This just happened @kendalljenner #Coachella

A photo posted by All about Kendall & Kylie❤️ (@jenners.update) on

One of the big draws of Coachella is that you know you’re enjoying the music alongside celebs. Sure, most celebs are probably in the VIP section, but you never know when you’ll run into Kendall Jenner or spot Rihanna and Leo canoodling in the crowd. When you do spot any sort of A-lister, the obvious move is to beg for a photo and post it on Instagram ASAP. Also, can we talk about this chick’s abs? I’d take those over meeting Kendall Jenner any day. 

5. A Pic of Rihanna’s Surprise Performance

How to get Coachella fans even more hyped? Throw in a legendary artist that nobody was expecting to see. When Rihanna joined Calvin Harris for his performance of “We Found Love,” the crowd freaked the fuck out. Because those who were at Coachella needed to brag even more, they made sure that their non-Coachella attending Instagram followers knew that they saw Queen RiRi herself in Indio this past weekend.

6. A #SQUAD Pic

Bad Blood #Coachella

A photo posted by Okie Dokie (@okesene) on

While some girl gangs simply took group photos side by side doing the skinny arm, some friend groups, like the above, took it one step further and basically made their own “Bad Blood” music video through photoshop. Either way, nobody wants to look like a loner at Coachella, and the only accessory better than your Marc Jacobs iPhone case is a friend with more followers than you.

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