The Ultimate Style Guide For Freeing the Nipple At Coachella

When I think of the best memories of my life, I immediately always flash back to the outfit I was wearing during the moment. Outfits are important! Instagram OOTD’s aside, there’s nothing like a great outfit to make you ooze confidence, help you look like the bombshell you are and make memories of a lifetime.

The outfit game at Coachella is high stakes, with celebrities, models, and actresses pulling out all the stops. From body paint, to glitter, to floral beards, it’s the one event of the year where there really are no limits- the perfect time to ditch your bra and feel the breeze.

A great outfit always starts with a statement — and there’s no question that if you’re down with it, freeing the nipple is the ultimate statement. Rihanna does it, Miley does it, Cara does it, Kim Kardashian and Em Ratajkowski freed everything else but the nipple. If you’ve been thinking of trying it out yourself, what better place to do it than Coachella?

Read on for six ways for any girl to pull it off with any look!

For a Pretty Princess

Keep it sweet and sensual with a ruffled color and a soft baby pink.

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For the Disco Diva

Stars cover your chest by day, but lights twinkle by night! This see-through top lights up, so that literally no one will be able to tear their eyes away from you on the dance floor.

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For the Glamour Girl

Oh, hey bombshell. Pair this sheer bodysuit with red lips and a wide brimmed black hat for some serious old school glamour.

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For the Boho Babe

Sweet flower babe. If you’re shy slip a bralette on under like the model, if not, feel the breeze!

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For the Pot Star

This one might not show the whole nipple but we think there is a 30% chance you might twin with Miley Cyrus if you wear this and we love that.

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