Alli Simpson’s Fav Coachella Memory Is Better Than Yours

Alli Simpson is a 17-year-old nationally syndicated host on Radio Disney, the face of Mudd, and little sister to Cody Simpson.

After a successful first year fo hosting “The Alli Simpson Show” on Radio Disney, Alli is about to take on a new and larger role as Radio Disney’s ‘Youth Engagement Officer.’ When she’s not doing that, she’s busy working on her latest passion—music. After some guidance from her big brother Cody, Alli’s music career has officially bloomed.

Check out our Q+A below.

You’ve been interviewing a bunch of people for Radio Disney! Who do you think has been your favorite interview so far?

I think my favorite person to interview so far was definitely Selena Gomez, only because it felt more like a girl-to-girl conversation than an interview. It just felt more personal! I loved it. Selena was great. Justin Bieber was great. I also had James Bay in last week, and he was one of my favorites as well.

You’re the youngest nationally syndicated radio host! How does that feel?

It’s really crazy. The radio thing just happened for me quickly, and I ended up really enjoying it. It became a lot more successful than I originally thought it would be, and now I’m the youngest! When they told me that, it was a surreal feeling.

How do you spend your days off?

On my days off, I basically like to do nothing. I’m so busy usually that on my off days, I like to hang out with my friends and go to cafes. My brother lives in Venice Beach, so I’m usually down there hanging out with him at the beach, getting fresh juices, and all that kind of stuff.

Has it been hard making friends in LA?

Yeah, it’s been really tough. I would say I’ve only made some good friends now after 5 years. I’ve been through a lot with trying to find some real friends like my friends at home.

Do you go home to see your friends a lot?

Going home is like a vacation. It’s a different world in LA, but I try to see my friends as much as I can.

You make music now!

Yes, I’ve been getting really into music and taking it a lot more seriously. I have a couple singles out now. It started out all in fun, but now I’m realizing I actually do love to make music.

Have you ever performed live?

I’ve performed live twice and that was really hard for me, because when I was younger, I was so shy. I would never sing in front of anyone. Performing live was really a huge milestone in my life. I was really nervous. I didn’t think I could do it originally, but once I went on stage, I loved it and wanted to do it more.

That’s a ginormous accomplishment!

It was huge for me. I’m getting goosebumps thinking about it! When people would ask me to sing when I was younger, I would cry. I just had to get over that first performance.

Has Cody been supportive of you making music?

Cody was actually the one who got me into music. Initially, when I had moved to LA, I had no idea what I wanted to do. Cody was the one who knew I could sing, and he told me to get in the studio. He reminded me that if I didn’t like it, then I didn’t have to do anything with it. It was just for fun, you know? He definitely helps me with confidence. He’s always encouraging me to push myself because you never really know unless you try. Now I figured out that I love making music. Cody is just always inspiring me. Before any photo shoot or big job I do, he’ll always text me something motivating.

If you were a music festival, which one would you be?

Coachella! I’m sure everyone says that, but it’s the best one.

What’s your favorite festival memory?

I wasn’t originally going to go to Coachella! The day before, however, I found out Cody and Gigi [Hadid] were surprising me with a hotel room and a ticket to the festival. They told me to come and bring a friend. That was my favorite memory because I wasn’t even expecting to go, and they walked in my room and jumped on me and gave me the ticket. It was just the coolest thing. I cried and then we all jumped on the bus together to go.

What album are you most excited for this year?

I mean, I’m really into Beyoncé’s latest single “Formation.” I’m hoping she backs that up with an album. If I was excited for anything, it’d have to be more music from her.

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