13 Girls Reveal Their Biggest Turn Offs In A Guy

While it would have taken me less time to list the things that guys actually do right, I thought it’d be way more fun to list all of the far from sexy things they do wrong. I asked 13 girls to tell me some of their biggest turn offs. Gentlemen, take notes.

1. Suck My Ego

“When he’s so overly confident that it becomes offensive.”

“If he thinks he’s hot af, but he’s not even hot”

“When he thinks I dress for him. Bye! I dress inappropriately for me, contrary to popular belief.”

2. You Nasty

If he chews with his mouth open… I drop him within two days”

“If he picks his nose and wipes it on his wall. Yup, I’ve seen it happen.”

“If I make him dinner and he leaves his plate on the table. Like bitch, take your plate and my plate to the god damn dishwasher! Who raised you?”

3. Goodbye Dad Bod

“If he’s a couch potato.”

Dad bods! Dude, hit the gym…”

4. Be a Man

“A guy that can never decide where to eat.”

“When he’s a terrible driver.”

“A dude who says he ‘wants to hangout,’ but can’t get his self in gear quick enough to organize a date.”

“When he’s not athletic. I’m sorry, but if I can beat him in a one-on-one, it’s just awkward. To me, that means he’s not a manly-man.”

5. Pants on Fire

“If I complain about a huge pimple on my face and he says, ‘I don’t see it.’ I know he sees it! I wasn’t looking for his pity, just for him to agree with me. That’s when he becomes a liar… in my eyes.”

“A guy who isn’t honest. There is a very small chance I actually care what he’s doing, but I just want him to tell me the truth.”

“When he says, ‘all of my exes are crazy.’ It’s like, the only thing those multiple crazy women would have in common is him!”

6. You Are What You Eat

“If he’s too health conscious about what he eats. My ex-boyfriend literally only ate healthy shit except for one meal on Sundays, which was always ice cream. It made me feel like shit every time I wanted chicken nuggets, and I love chicken nuggets.”

“When he only eats chicken fingers, pasta, and other types of food off the children’s menu.”

“When he complains that I eat more than him. Like, my mom and dad raised me to finish my plate and damn straight I’m not throwing out my $20 meal.”

“When he takes me on a date and orders me… a freaking salad.”

7. Clean Freak

“When he’s way too clean, like OCD status. My ex made me shower after doing it every time, change into my pajamas before getting in the sheets, wouldn’t hook up in the sheets, and made me wash off my makeup before my face touched his pillow.”

8. Dump For Trump

“If he’s voting for Trump.”

“If he’s incredibly right winged or conservative.”

9. Dress To Impress

“When he wears really ugly, dirty shoes. I went on a date with a guy and he wore the grossest Nike sneakers and they were covered in something disgusting. Also, he peed five times during our date, so that was odd.”

“Ankle socks. That seriously freaks me out.”

“Those slide flip flop things that guys wear. All you see are his toes — it legit makes me want to roll over and die.”

“When he wears cheap, gross boxers. I need him to invest in some Calvin Klein undies for the first couple of dates so I know he gives a shit!”

10. Manscape Now

“Hairy eyebrows or uni-brows! I’m too afraid of my future children looking like Helga. His eyebrows and manscaping better be on fleek.”

“I hate when he has long nails.”

“When he doesn’t shave his pubes, but somehow thinks he can get mad at me for growing mine out.”

11. Stop Sending Pics

“When he sends me a Snapchat before texting me back.”

“When a guy is so narcissistic that he sends me d pics nonstop because he thinks he’s so big. Like, wake up dude, I never asked for this. That’s not even good looking.”

“If he sends me a Snapchat of him jerking off underneath his sweatpants. This has only happened to me once, but let me tell you, I blocked him on Snapchat and I haven’t spoken to him since.”

12. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

“When he doesn’t offer to pay on the first date.”

“When I continually have to pay for a guy! I don’t mind paying for myself, but he should at least be carrying his own weight.”

“When I offer to pay and he actually lets me.”

“If he says anything like, ‘sexism doesn’t exist because girls get free drinks.'”

13. D Game Not Bomb

“When he tells me he loves me in the middle of doing it… even though I just met him three hours beforehand.”

“If he pushes my face down to his d to try and force me into head. Like no, I’ll give you head when I’m ready.”

“If he doesn’t do foreplay!”

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