This Might Be The Biggest Turn Off…Ever

There are many things that guys can do to turn us off. Generally it’s either that they’re not into us, or that they’re too into us (probably the former more often, let’s be real).

Communication always seems to be a problem in modern day relationships. We never know where we stand with each other, how we feel about each other, or whether we’re looking for the same thing. While I certainly applaud a guy who’s willing to cut the bullsh*t and have “the talk” with you (or DTR, for all my awkward fans), there’s a certain way that they should absolutely not do it.

If I had to gage the last thing I ever want to hear from a guy, it’s not a creepy sexual comment or a lie about where he went last night. It’s not even that panic attack feeling that surfaces when you hear the line that “we need to talk.”

It’s a guy asking if we like him.

I’m pretty sure the last time a guy could get away with asking “do you like me” was in the seventh grade via a text message sent to my Motorola Razr.

Communication certainly sucks these days, but do you know what also sucks? Dudes with no confidence. Don’t get me wrong, cocky guys can be real sh*theads too, but nothing will get me drier than the Sahara desert than the words “I just feel like you don’t like me.”

There is also the lovely “I don’t believe a girl like you could ever like a guy like me,” or perhaps the “It’s okay, I know I’m way more into you than you are into me.”

I can’t lie, I am pretty sh*tty at communicating when it comes to my love life (probably why I write it all on here instead), but I also think that I somehow find my way to guys with zero confidence. It was one thing to deal with in a relationship with my ex, but it’s another when I’m running around a bar being chased by a guy who keeps going on about how he has really strong feelings for me (after knowing me for five minutes?) and just knows I don’t feel the same way.

How can a guy expect us to be into him if he’s not even into himself? This is beyond me. You just know that if a girl ever asked a dude one of these questions she would be immediately labeled as “clingy” or “crazy.”

Being in a relationship, you should want to be your partner’s cheerleader. However, if you feel like you’re forced to be his ego-booster and therapist every hour of the day? That sh*t gets old. Loving someone should be fun, not feel like a job (specifically, not an agonizing job).

Actions should always speak louder than words. If you really need to question if someone is into you, they probably aren’t. If they are, you should know it from their actions rather than their words.

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