Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Back in Rehab Now

Two days after she randomly popped up at a chain restaurant in small-town Tennessee, news has broken that Selena Gomez is reportedly back in rehab.

We all know that Selena decided to take a hiatus from being famous in order to deal with the “anxiety, panic attacks and depression” that can come from having lupus, publicly fighting with your ex, and having to deal with one of your closest friends getting murdered, but what we didn’t know was how she was doing that.

A source told Us Weekly that the facility Selena’s at is “super intense” and “a private and quiet place,” although apparently not private and quiet enough to keep a secret.

The source also added that “Selena is dealing with lupus, but this break is to focus on her mental health,” whatever that means.

If you’ll recall, this isn’t Selena’s first time checking into rehab.

Back in 2014, a year after she was first diagnosed with lupus and her mother miscarried, Selena checked into rehab for two weeks, with her reps citing “emotional issues” and “partying” as the reasons. TMZ claims that at the time she was checked into a 6-week program called DAWN, which helps people addicted to marijuana, alcohol and prescription Ambien, but she bailed early to promote a movie.

As you can imagine, Selena’s reps denied all of that, and all the details of Selena’s stint in rehab were kept hush hush

Now, two years later, here she is again.

Whatever’s going on with Selena, let’s hope that this time she gets the help she needs.

[H/T US Weekly]

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