Selena Gomez Finally Resurfaced Despite Her Vaca From Being Famous

For anybody, like myself, who’s spent MANY sleepless nights worrying about how Selena Gomez is doing now that she’s taken some time off from being famous to deal with the “anxiety, panic attacks and depression” that can come from having Lupus, publicly fighting with your ex, and having to deal with one of your closest friends getting murdered, we have some good news.

Selena Gomez is still alive and well, and going out to chain restaurants in Tennessee.

Yesterday afternoon, Selena was spotted at Texas Roadhouse in the leaf-collecting city of Alcoa, Tennessee enjoying “a late lunch,” a lucky patron of the chain restaurant told E! News. “She couldn’t have been more gracious to everyone and to the fans and was more than happy to take pictures with whoever.”

So don’t worry, guys.

Selena Gomez is doing just fine.

[H/T E! News]

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