You Can Now Buy The World’s Most Expensive Festival Ticket

Think you’re a true baller? Was the Coachella VIP experience just not enough? Well, you can now buy the “most expensive festival ticket” in the world for just a measly $200,000!

Secret Solstice, Iceland, Galore

For the elite class of millionaires who can dish a couple hundred thousand dollars for a truly VIP getaway: look no further than the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland. From June 19 through the 21st, Reykjavik will play host to a breathtaking music festival with the most lavish VIP package. So what does $200,000 get you? The “ultimate festival pass” includes first class flights from anywhere in the world for two, a five night stay in a luxury five bedroom villa, personal assistants and chefs, private yacht party, private helicopter trips plus a private 24-hour driver and more! You know, just the essentials.

Secret Solstice, Iceland, Galore

Secret Solstice, Iceland, Galore

Seeing if there’s any time to actually catch some music, the 2015 Secret Solstice lineup includes , Wu Tang, FKA Twigs plus many others. So you just grab that extra $200,000 you have lying around because what’s a music festival without a personal chef and private helicopter!


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