Stories by Shannon Kurlander

  1. girlpool_shannonkurlander_galore_coachella

    Girlpool Talks Music, Friendship & Growing Up

    Girlpool is Cleo Tucker and Harmony Tividad; best friends barely out of their teens yet incredibly accomplished with an immeasurable sense of wisdom. Their debut full-length, Before The World Was Big, captured the tenderness of fleeting adolescence and the importance of finding your voice at any age. Months have passed since their record release, and a relentless

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  2. Coathangers_NosebleedWeekend_Galore

    The Coathangers Talk New Album ‘Nosebleed Weekend’

    On stage they’re known as Crook Kid, Rusty and Minnie Coathanger, but off stage Julia, Stephanie and Meredith are just as fierce as their “fuck off” lyrics suggest. The Coathangers have come a long way from booking small gigs in the DIY Atlanta punk scene. Nosebleed Weekend, their newest record out this Friday, solidifies a place

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  3. Holychild Started A Revolution With Brat Pop

    Holychild is bringing back glam with art that truly makes a statement. While it looks like a whole lot of glitter and fun, Liz Nistico and Louie Diller are no vapid indie-pop duo. Their upcoming debut record is a flashy assertion meant to challenge societal roles, hypocrisy and our culture’s values. One song at a time, Holychild

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