FKA Twigs is the Sexiest Pregnant Woman Ever

It’s barely been a month since FKA Twigs and boyfriend Robert Pattinson exchanged promise rings, but our girl is already pregnant. In the sultry singer’s music video for new single “Glass & Patron,” it’s only a matter of seconds before a very naked Twigs, staring up at us from behind her full-term belly, begins her delivery by pulling a long, rainbow-colored scarf out of her womb, giving birth to, what else, a handful of fully-grown children born with hair every color of the Manic Panic rainbow.

Produced by BOOTS, the wunderkind behind a good amount of Beyonce’s last album, the rest of the music video is an exhibition from Twigs and her children on looking hotter and voguing better than us mere mortals could ever dream of. The music is just as sexy as anything we’ve come to expect from Twigs, and with a new EP poised to drop later this year, FKA and her kids could just be poised for world domination.  Sorry haters.

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