Why Everyone Needs To Stop Gold Digger Shaming

“Rich” guys loveeee to talk about the girls who try to scheme them out of their money, it’s their favorite past time besides hitting on girls 20 years younger than them and posting pics of themselves in Dubai on Instagram.

Even you’ve probably gold-digger-shamed in the past. Maybe you saw an old dude with a pretty young thing at a restaurant and said “he must be rich,” or maybe you speculated that your fave celeb’s girlfriend was only dating him for his money.

But let’s take a trip back in time and think about what marriage and dating were once all about.

In most circumstances, if you were born broke, you died broke. Unless you were a uniquely pretty girl, in which case you may be able to marry up and make a better life for yourself. For men? Marriage was about status, sure, but your perspective wife’s looks played a part in that decision as well.

Let’s take Henry VIII for example. Even if you know jack shit about history, you know about Henry and his six fucking wives. Six wives would be a big deal today, so you can imagine how big of a deal it was when marriage was actually supposed to be sacred and 50% of the country didn’t divorce eventually.

Sure, Henry def got some flack for divorcing his wives and trading in for a newer and more desirable model. But he also got to behead two out of the six of the wives, LOL!

In a world where women legit could do nothing but pop out babies and try to look pretty, marrying rich was their one way of bettering their lives slightly (unless you married a psycho like Henry VIII).

Obviously, society and gender roles have changed a lot today, and there are tons of boss bitches that make their own money. But what are men still doing? Making more money than us while marrying the hottest piece of ass they can find.

Funny enough, dudes marrying women for their looks is rarely talked about in a negative light. I mean, there’s no name like “hot-digger,” is there?

Everybody has been called shallow every once in a while, sure. But it’s easy for a 70-year-old wrinkle like Donald Trump to claim that he really loves his 46-year-old ex-model wife’s personality and for people to take that at face value. But as for Melania? Everybody assumes she’s only marrying Trump for money.

But for a woman to not be considered a “gold-digger,” she’d have to be making an equal or greater salary than her partner. So is she expected to make this equal salary while also caring for a child or multiple children? Sure, there is the option of nannies or a dad that helps out, but studies have shown that even when the woman is the primary breadwinner, she still ends up doing the majority of the housework and child-rearing (four years throughout her lifetime, FYI).

Another funny thing about the guys who claim women are gold diggers is that it always seems to be the men who either try to use their wealth to get laid because they have nothing else to offer, or the men who don’t get laid at all and are bitter about it.

How can you denounce women for “wanting you for your money” when your social media pages consist of you holding wads of 100 dollar bills and chilling on private jets? That would be the same as a woman who constantly posts lingerie photos on Instagram of accusing guys for only wanting her for her body.

But oh, that’s fine, because “boys will be boys,” right? Well do you know what? Girls will be fucking girls. After all, since the dawn of time we’ve been trained to marry up, marry a guy that can provide a comfortable life, and to use our looks to secure a rich husband. Just like it’s in men’s “nature” to sow their wild oats and treat women like shit.

A guy complaining about women only wanting him for his money is the same as a girl complaining that she’s so pretty that guys only want her for her looks.

The girl will be shamed, told that she had nothing else to offer besides her body and that’s why she’s always the hook-up, never the girlfriend. The guy will probably start his own Reddit thread where he and tons of other dudes who live with their moms trash talk hot girls who like nice things.

And for the dudes who can’t get any girls because they’re broke and women “only want rich guys”? Maybe you should work on your personality, and if you can’t fix that, at least go to the gym and get a six pack. After all, girls will be girls.

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