11 Guys Reveal What They’d Do If They Were a Girl For The Day

Remember in the Scooby Doo movie when all the characters switch bodies and Fred, while in Daphne’s body, says, “ayyy, I can look at myself naked?” Well, it turns out every other dude pretty much feels the same way.

Reddit user tiannamoore  asked the men of Reddit, “if you were a girl for the day, what would you do?”

We’re not sure what’s more hilarious, the fact that nearly every dude’s answer was sexual or the fact that they all assumed that if they were girls, they’d be hot girls. Either way, feel free to LOL at their responses and be reminded of how pervy every guy is.

Or weep because you know if you were a dude for a day you’d use all that male priv to take over the god damn world instead of playing with your dick. How do men still run shit, again?!?! Ugh.


“Shove all the things in my cooter.” – zimmer199


“Lie in bed and play with my boobs all day.” – om_steadily


“Take naked selfies tbh”- Inuw


“Go hang out at a lesbian bar. Interrogate all my female acquaintances on the DL to find out if they like me as a dude. Not necessarily in that order.” – PillageForJesus


“Go to a bar and yell ‘who wants to fuck?’ and see how many hands rise.” – Zenithoid


“I’d get a pair of hipster glasses, leggings, and a crop top and go to Starbucks and get a pumpkin spice latte with the newest MacBook and pretend to be productive when really I’m trying to catch guys staring at me.” – xNS5


“Make money on the internet!” – wickedblight


“Get laid and a bunch of free shit.” – Satherton


“Try to fuck a lesbian or bisexual woman. Take noodz. Examine the newly acquired clitoris.” – Coldzor


Masturbate… then fuck with people to see if the sex is really that bad as they claim.” – M0hammed_Khaled


“Spend a lot of time in front of a mirror.” – ThinkHappyThoughts15

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