4 Of Our Favorite Types Of Leggings

Leggings just can’t seem to stay out of the cultural closet! From the 1980’s spandex trend to the 90’s thermal underwear, they have come and gone in many different styles. Now they seem to back and kicked up a notch with funky patterns and interesting themes. Here are some of the most out there leggings that we just can’t get enough of on the street, on the clothing rack- and in our personal pants drawers.

Marauder’s Map, Lord of the Rings, even Game of Thrones themed leggings are everywhere right now. It seems that celebrating your not-so-guilty pleasures on your pants is a theme right now. And what better way to say that hobbits and wizards are sexy then with a pair of Harry Potter themed leggings from Black Milk Clothing?

Brightly colored, paisley print pants are a must these days. The hippie chic trend is apparently back, what with all of the garlands and pot leaf tees that we are seeing on the streets. So why not a pair of leggings that you would not be able to tear your eyes away from should you be tripping on any substances?

Stoner Chic
Speaking of pot leaf clothing, we are loving the purple pot leaf pants that are on sale all over the internet. With mary jane being legalized, these are a fabulous way to celebrate in a silly, sexy way. Paired with combat boots and loose t shirts, drug clothing needn’t ever be trashy again.

For those who are not quite ready to get as crazy with their funky legging ensembles, there is always the basic floral pattern which works just as well for your every day shy girl, looking to break out of her shell. You can get these anywhere from Hot Topic to secondhand on Ebay. With such pattern options for these cozy, casual clothing items, what’s not to love?

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