This Is the Perfect Shirt for Telling Pervs to F Off

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Call it street harassment, cat calling, or just general perviness — getting hit on when you’re minding your own business is rarely anything but annoying.

And sometimes it can seem like no matter how little makeup you wear and how schlubby your outfit is, some asshole is still going to make kissy noises at you while calling you hot lips and grabbing his junk, when all you’re trying to do is hit the corner store for your daily Red Bull.

But luckily, Millioneiress has created a shirt that sends a definitive message to all the street pervs out there cat-calling girls.

The front of the loose-fitting, baseball-style button-down says Millioneiress, and the back says 1-555-NVRMIND.

Millioneiress founder Leah Kirsch tells Galore she designed the shirt with snubbing dudes in mind. But she didn’t realize it would be useful for warding off cat callers until she wore it IRL one day.

“I was going to breakfast or something, and I had the shirt on over little jean shorts and a regualr white shirt,” she said. “It was a beautiful day and I was recording a Snap. I was walking by this guy and I could tell he was gonna say something embarrassing… But I saw in my camera after I walked past him that he looked at the back of my shirt and put his head down.”

The motto on the back had successfully scared him off from being a douche.

Getting hit on in the street is “super irritating,” Leah notes, so this was just one of many times when her clothes made a difference in her life for the better. Major girl power.

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