Guys Are Down With Women Making Money — if They’re Married to Them

Studies have previously shown that men are mean to women in the workplace because they’re intimidated, and another study has shown that men don’t want to date women that are smarter than them.

And yet, a recent study shows that there’s an exception to this rule. Dudes are okay with women being powerful in the workplace — as long as those women are their spouse.

Yes, guys in a relationship where the woman is the breadwinner are actually happier than guys who make the majority of the moolah. And women still feel high levels of anxiety no matter what.

Surprising? Yeah, kind of, considering that most men feel that bringing home the bacon and being the “successful career bro” means something about preserving his masculinity.

But then again, if their wife is making most of the money, that does mean that they’ll have way more time to do guy things, like yell at the TV during football season and try every single craft beer ever made. PLUS, they’ll get to spend any money they make on things they actually want to spend on, like a jet-ski during their mid-life crisis or a subscription to a high-end porn site.

Translation: Dudes are cool with women being powerful career women as long as it means that they don’t have to deal with the majority of the financial stress.

The study’s author suggests that men should stop relating making money to masculinity in order to have a happier life. Which is cool and all, but the study also indirectly points to the fact that dudes are basically useless.

Don’t believe me? Read and learn.

While men can be happy and dandy chilling while their wife makes all the bread, women whose husbands make all the money aren’t quite as chill. The study found that “at virtually every relative income score, women’s anxiety is higher than men’s anxiety, yet breadwinning men and breadwinning women experience virtually identical levels of anxiety.”

The researchers point out that men and women both feel similar stress as the money-makers, but only women feel high anxiety levels as a financially independent spouse, whereas men who are financially independent feel fab. Another possible (and likely) scenario is that the woman may not be the primary financial breadwinner, but in addition to her money-making she’s also doing 80% of the childcare, suggests The Huffington Post.

You see, raising a kid doesn’t give dudes a sense of manliness, so they don’t really need to put a lot of time into that. What’s the point?

This study is probs supposed to be pro-women in the workplace and empowering, but is also kinda depressing because it shows that women legit always get screwed over somehow no matter what. Cool.

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