Yup, Donald Trump Just Mimed Groping Onstage At a Rally

After having to endure hearing Donald Trump say “pussy” last week, we thought we’d been through the worst. I mean seriously, that’s not a word you want to hear an old man say, especially Donald Trump.

But things got worse, and worse, and now Trump has really put the cherry on top by pantomiming exactly what it looks like when he gropes people. Gee, thanks!

This precious moment happened today in Greensboro, North Carolina. Trump addressed the crowd by telling them he’s sure they’ve seen how the “media has been attacking him with lies and smears.” This is weird, because most of the bad press about Trump comes from shit that he legit is recorded saying on tape… so we’re a little confused as to the lies part.

Regardless, Trump goes into his usual spiel of saying he’s going to bring more jobs with no mention of how, and making sure to mention Hillary Clinton’s Wikileaks. Oh, he also manages to throw shade at the women who have come out with assault allegations, saying that he would never have tried getting with someone who looked like that.

Weirdly enough, he never mentions that there’s anything wrong with sexual assault, he simply goes with the Mariah Carey approach of, “I don’t know her,” or “them” in this case, since there are multiple alleged victims.

But the most horrific part of the entire speech was when Trump mimes groping.

Please, shield your fucking eyes.

Or, if you do for some sick reason want to see it, the video is right here. Feast your eyes upon the scariest thing you’ll see all October and hopefully won’t have to see again after November 8th.

The grossest mime act of all time should start around 01:24:30.

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