4 Full Years of Your Life Will Be Taken Up By Housework if You’re Female

Just in time for the weekend, we’re about to hit you with some more sad news about how women always get fucked over in life.

Turns out women work four extra years compared to men, according to an ActionAid report presented to the United Nations yesterday. Great!

If you’re surprised, don’t be. While men are traditionally thought of as the “breadwinner” in OG gender roles, plenty of women work full time too, and most of these women are working full time on top of traditionally “female” roles like caring for children, doing housework, and cooking.

So basically, even if women try to take on a career, they still end up doing all the other shit that they would be doing as a housewife, according to another study. Cool.

You’re probably wondering how the fuck they calculated these numbers, right? Well, they were calculated by using World Bank data and analyzing the daily averages of paid and unpaid work for men and women. After subtracting the male hours from the female hours, they calculated the average extra time that women work over their lives.

The data is based on a worldwide scale, and the global life expectancy is 69 years, so the four years isn’t a hard and fast number. In more developed countries (which also have longer life expectancies) such as the UK, the average women works for two and a half more years. Cool that it’s less, but still pretty shitty. Also, this means that in developing countries like Bangladesh, the number is even greater.

So basically, women are getting paid less than men, but also working way more hours. Chill.

The question is, are we ever going to see justice? Probably not in this lifetime, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth fighting for.

“The issue of time poverty is not well recognized,” says Lucia Fry, policy lead at the development charity ActionAid. And while she knows that domestic work is never going to just go away, she still thinks it’s BS that women are expected to do the majority of it.

“It’s what makes us human, caring for one another. But we want it to be fair and equal and not excessively onerous. If we freed up that time, think of everything women could achieve with all those extra hours?”

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