Why So Many People Only Smoke When They Drink

Chances are, you don’t know that many smokers.

Once you’re over the age of 13 and realize that cigs aren’t cool and are actually really, really bad for you, the whole appeal of smoking seems to dwindle — unless weed is involved, of course.

But the whole “smoking is bad, mmmkay” kind of goes out the window when you’re turnt, which is probably why so many of your friends (or maybe even you) claim to “only smoke when they drink.”

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This argument is obviously sus, since lots of us drink all the time, and therefore smoke quite often, but whatever.

The real question is, why do we only like to smoke when we drink?

Well, according to a study, it’s probably because you want to pep up and combat the snooze-like effects of alcohol.

After all, we’ve all had our wine-drunk moments when we accidentally fall asleep standing up at the party, right? Just me? Kay.

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Either way, it’s the stimulant effect in cigarettes — which comes from nicotine — that works against alcohol’s depressant effect.

If you’re a “social smoker” you probably know this as the feeling of wanting to go outside and smoke a cig to combat the feeling of being drunk af.

Unfortunately, as you probably already knew, smoking socially is still smoking, and still bad for you! Maybe next time you should just, I don’t know, not drink so much? Or go get Taco Bell, that sounds more fun.

H/T: Elite Daily

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