This Is Why Breakup Sex Is Always So Damn Good

Breakup anthems are way more fun than love songs. Even better: breakup anthems about breakup sex. Like Luke Bryan’s “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye,” The Cherry Dolls’ “Last Time,” and The Vaccines’ “Post Break Up Sex,” just to name a few

But why is breakup sex so fucking good? I mean, aren’t you supposed to be pissed at your ex instead of face first in their genitals?

Turns out, one of the reasons why breakup sex is so good has to do with something called arousal transfer, according to Dr. Aaron Ben-Zeév, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Haifa.

What’s arousal transfer? It’s when an increase in one emotion causes an increase in another emotion, possibly a conflicting emotion. In the case of breakup or makeup sex, your emotions from the argument (probs anger or sadness) can transfer to your horniness.

A classic experiment that shows arousal transfer is known as the “bridge experiment” which was done in the 70s. The experiment contained two groups of men, one on a “fear-arousing” bridge, and one on a “non-fear arousing bridge.” Both groups were approached by an hot chick who asked them to fill out a questionnaire. Turns out, the dudes on the “fear-arousing” bridge also admitted to being more sexually aroused towards the woman.

So basically, unlike those times when you’re casually chilling watching Netflix and your partner starts trying to take your top off, after a fight you’re already emotionally charged and it’s easy to direct those feelings into sex. This makes the sex seem more passionate and overall better because you’re way more into it due to arousal transfer.

Unfortunately, this explanation means that the great sex you and your ex just had doesn’t mean you two should get back together. It also doesn’t mean that your insane orgasm is going to solve the problems you were arguing about 30 minutes ago. If you swear by breakup sex and it’s your “thing,” fine, go for it. But don’t let 15 minutes of great sex make you forget why you two broke up/were fighting in the first place. Besides, a great orgasm can also come from a vibrator, and your dildo has never treated you badly.

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