Indie-pop band, Whenyoung, made the perfect punk playlist for the bedroom

Indie-pop band, Whenyoung, may only have a few songs out, but they are already creating quite the buzz. The trio hails from Limerick, where they met in a bar as underage teenagers and quickly forged a friendship around their mutual passion for music.

Whenyoung consists of Aoife Power (Vocals/Bass), Niall Burns (Guitar), and Andrew Flood (Drums). The group pulled together some of their favorite songs to create a playlist for you that is the perfect soundtrack for a long night of love (if you know what I mean).

We got to sit down with the band to get all the details on their music, personal style, and what we can expect to see from them next. Check out their “Punk Rock for the Bedroom” playlist now and keep scrolling below to read the full interview!

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What made you choose the name Whenyoung?

“When We Were Young” is, collectively, a favorite song of ours by the band Whipping Boy. We felt that the name encapsulated a youthful sense of freedom and joy – a feeling we wanted to capture in the songs we were creating.

Whose idea was it to form a band?

It was never really a plan. We were all close friends since our early teens. We all moved to London at different times, but all lived in the same flat. Then, we started messing about, writing songs, and it turned into a band.

As you developed your sound, who are some artists (musical or not) that influenced you?

We are inspired by many forms of art. Musical artists such as Blondie, The Clash, Patti Smith, Richard Hell, The Modern Lovers, Siouxsie Sioux, and more recently Baxter Dury, The Growlers, Protomartyr, Preoccupations, and La Femme. But also writers like Hemingway, Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, and French new wave films.

Who writes your songs, or is it a group effort?

Aoife brings most of the melodies to the fore but we always write together as a group. Depending on the song it can come from anything, a riff, a beat, a vocal slur and then we go from there.

It normally comes quite easily. Because we know each other so well we can be very honest. There’s no hiding it. Normally if something is working we all know without having to say. I guess that’s pretty special.

You just released “Pretty Pure,” tell us about the ideas and inspiration that went into making this song?

“Pretty Pure” is about escapism. Feeling so separated from what is around you that you don’t even feel human – you feel pure.

What are your future plans for the band?

Right now our lives are dedicated to the band and making it work. We have no plans except for that. We are living for the moment for the sake of the future.

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What is your favourite venue you’ve played so far and what is your dream venue?

It has to be the NCH Dublin, but as a show of our own we had a very special and intimate one in Dublin recently at Bello Bar. Dream venue is probably The Pyramid Stage.

How did it feel to share the stage with iconic artists such as Bono and Nick Cave at Shane Mcgowan’s birthday?

It was completely surreal and bizarre, but everyone I met was so kind and down to earth. I think all the artists were quite humbled to be involved in such a special event and wanted to give Shane’s beautiful songs justice.

What other hobbies outside of the band do you partake in that contribute to your musicality?

We do a lot of reading, going to exhibitions, watching films, writing, and a bit of gardening.

What is the dynamic of your relationships with each other?

We are all really close friends. Kinda like triplets or something.

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In three words how would you describe your band’s fashion sense?

Recycled, torn, and customized.

Where did the idea of the boiler suits come from?

I found a cool, blue boiler suit and bought it. Niall wore it onstage. Then we found some more and started painting and patching them.

Does your onstage style differ from your everyday wear?

No, not really. We always dress the same, whether on stage or in Sainsbury’s.

Any advice for fellow musicians on things you felt you’ve done right or you wish you would have done differently so far in your music career?

Not that we are that far in our career, but you just have to keep trying until you get a bit of luck. Being in a band in 2018 can be really difficult and thankless, but if you really believe in the songs then stick with it.

Choice of liquor?

Guinness and whiskey.

Favourite designer?

Sinead O’Brien.

Favourite thing to listen to in the shower?

“Waterfalls,” by TLC.

Where can our viewers find your music and keep up with all things Whenyoung?

Check out our music on Spotify here.

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