Lolo Zouaï’s “Desert Rose” promotes healing, unity, and accepting your individuality

Lolo Zouaï is a rising singer-songwriter from Paris, and she is officially premiering her newest single with Galore.

Her newest release, “Desert Rose,” is all about the obstacles she has had to overcome because of her multi-cultural background, being both Algerian and English.

“I wrote this song in an attempt to unify us by mixing English and Arabic, and to ask them to accept me and love me as I am,” says Lolo Zouaï.

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The charming R&B and soulful track voices the difficulty Lolo faces consistently. “A desert rose is a rose-like crystal that forms in the desert of Algeria, and is said to have healing properties that help you grow as a person. I’m half Algerian, and have received criticism from my Algerian side for the content of my music and my image – culminating in them asking me to change my last name,” says Lolo.

Lolo is growing from her past and cultivating a name for herself as a break out artist to watch. Lolo’s presence on soundcloud brings a variety of songs to vibe to all week long.

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Check out her latest single here!

The single is also available via Stem, and tickets are still available for Lolo’s debut world tour.

Photos by Johanna Siring

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