Why Don’t We is the newest group in the boy band machine, and we’re into it

For as long as teenage girls have been able to scream, boy bands have been the reason behind it.

90s kids had NYSNC and Backstreet Boys, 2000s bbs had the Jonas Brothers, we had One Direction and now, the squealing tweens and teens of this generation have Why Don’t We.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this quintet, the group consists of Daniel Seavey (19), Corbyn Besson (19), Jack Avery (19), Jonah Marais (19) and Zach Herron (16). Since forming in 2016, these five cuties have assembled a cult-like army of fans (who took up several blocks of Times Square waiting for the boys to arrive hours before showtime).

Why Don’t We has released hits like “Something Different,” and “Trust Fund Baby,” and they even performed as a headliner for this year’s Z100 Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden.

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I spent the day with the boys before one of their three sold out shows at the PlayStation Theater here in New York. By the end, it really wasn’t hard to understand just why girls are so obsessed.

Check out our tour diary and Q&A sesh with the boys below.

You guys sold out three shows in New York! How does that feel? How has it been adjusting to a fan base that seems to just keep growing?

Jonah: It feels really awesome. It’s a special thing as an artist to be able to create and have people on the other end waiting for the art that we make. The Limelights go hard, they’re the best group of people I’ve ever come across in my whole life.

They’re so supportive and show up in every city – they mean the world to us and I’m so excited to see where this whole thing goes.

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Is there a difference in crowds going from city to city? Are some areas louder/more passionate than others?

Zach: The crowds are always hype, our fans are amazing in every city. It’s cool to see which part of the show they get the loudest for each night. We always have a great time and give them the best show ever.

It was really cool watching you guys interact with your fans backstage. What have been some memorable moments with fans on the tour?

Jack: Being able to see a sold out show every night has been super amazing – it’s just memorable being able to meet new people every day and experience all these new things.

What are some ways your fans can stand out when they’re meeting you? What is something they can do that will capture your attention or make you remember them?

Jonah: I really love it when fans just want to have a normal conversation. I like learning about their lives, how their day is going, what they’re into, what are their hobbies. I like to connect on a personal level.

But, I also love to just say hi and take a selfie too.

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What about horror stories? Have you had any crazy experiences with fans on the road?

Corbyn: Not really any horror stories, but it’s crazy how the fans find our hotels on tour without us even telling anybody. They literally find us wherever we are, which I kind of cool but at the same time I swear they could work for the FBI.

Social media plays a huge factor with a lot of artists nowadays. Do you ever check out fan profiles or respond to DMs? What’s the best way to get a reply to you online?

Corbyn: We are literally always on social media, immediately after our shows we always go on and check Twitter and Instagram for pictures the fans have uploaded from the shows. I think something that really stands out to us is the creativity – some of our fans are super talented and make these crazy fan edits and paintings. That’s something that really stands out to us.

Ok so, what about the other way around? Do any of you guys slide into girls DMs? What’s your go to pick up line?

Jack: Well of course we slide into the DMs, we’re guys! My go to pick up line is, “Are you Google? Because you’re everything I’m searching for.”

Oldest question in the book, but, would you ever actually date a fan? Is it possible that a girl could catch your attention at a meet and greet or even at a show?

Zach: Possibly, if they are cool and everything I’ve been searching for, then heck yeah, let’s go for it.

Lastly, what’s one thing you want people to take away from you, whether it be when they meet you or through your music? What’s something you want people to remember you by?

Daniel: I really want to be remembered for my joy, my happiness and my thankfulness. That’s always been a big thing for me and why I make music, because so much happiness is spread through it.

To be able to take that joy that I feel in music and spread it to others is such a blessing, and that’s constantly something I try to put out there. Even outside of music – just how I carry myself and how I treat others, I always want to spread positivity.

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Photos by Keri Dolan

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