What type of shot goes best with each Thanksgiving dish

Thanksgiving has always been great, but Thanksgiving got way better when your parents finally allowed you to drink wine with dinner.

There is one catch, though: wine fills you up and doesn’t leave as much room for pumpkin pie. Plus, you’d ideally like to get as drunk as possible to drown out your conservative fam and sometimes wine just isn’t gonna do the trick.

So forget pairing wine with your Thanksgiving courses, here’s how to “pair” straight shots.

Cranberry sauce: vodka

It’s kind of like a vodka-cranberry, except you’re eating cranberries instead of drinking them. Oh, and you’ll get way more drunk.

Stuffing: spiced rum

Rum really can go with anything, from tropical fruits to salted meats. Since stuffing is a clusterfuck of lots of different shit, and it varies from recipe to recipe, rum is the perfect choice to compliment all the flavors.

Turkey: whiskey

Turkey and whiskey, it’s the way that the pilgrims would have wanted it.

Apple pie: Goldschläger

The cinnamon notes in Goldschläger, your fave supporting actor in “Superbad,” will go great with the cinnamon in your grandma’s apple pie. Just don’t drop the bottle like Michael Cera did on the bus scene, you’ll ruin Thanksgiving.

Cornbread: tequila

Tequila is normally paired with corn tortilla chips, so by the transitive property, it should go great with some corn bread. Or maybe not, but guess you’ll have to find out.

Pumpkin pie: Rumchata 

It won’t get you as fucked up as tequila will, but Rumchata is fucking delicious. Since it’s a dessert drink, it’ll go perfect with your Pumpkin Pie dessert. And if you’ve been drinking vodka all through dinner, it’ll be a nice way to curb your drunkenness before you vom everywhere.

Mashed potatoes: gin

Okay… we’ll be real here. This pairing is slightly questionable. But I mean, would you rather be sober and surrounded by your family members all asking you about your career path and your love life? No, you wouldn’t. So shove some mashed potatoes in your face and wash it down with some Bombay.

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