How Mean Girls Would Be Different If They Had Social Media

Mean Girls is totally still relevant. If you scream out “you can’t sit with us” and someone actually gets offended, they clearly live under a rock. But the crazy thing about Mean Girls  is that it was filmed before every teen was obsessed with social media, partly because social media didn’t really exist.

Facebook was just barely launched when Mean Girls came out, and Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter were unheard of. But Cady and Regina’s frenemy relationship would just not be as entertaining if they were on their cell phones all throughout the movie, right?

We decided to dream up what Mean Girls would look like if it was filmed in 2016.

1. The Burn Book: An Anonymous Twitter Account

If you never had an anonymous Twitter or Facebook account for your high school or college, were you even living? If Regina and her cronies were ruling the school in the digital age, you just know that they would make a fake Twitter account with a name like “@NorthShoreConfessions” where they would tweet about girls making out with hotdogs and Coach Carr hooking up with the ESL students.

2. Jason: The Dude Who Sends Dick Pics on Snapchat

Dudes like Jason no longer have to awkwardly approach girls in the cafeteria and ask if they want their muffin buttered, they can just send creepy messages on Snapchat and maybe send a few poorly lit dick pics.

3. Cady’s House Party: Secret Facebook Group

Today, nobody would ever waste their time making calls to invite people to a party. They would maybe send a text blast or put up a FB status, but because Cady’s party was supposed to be “exclusive,” you know that’d be going down in a “secret” Facebook group.

4. The Planned Parenthood Call: Leaking Nudes

That whole calling collect thing is as dead as the wife beater trend. If Regina was trying to ruin some poor girl’s life in this day and age, she’d get a hold of her nudes and send them directly to her parents. Maybe via snail mail, but probably through an anonymous email address.

5. The Three Way Call: Karen Sending a Screenshot To Regina Instead of Gretchen

Three way calls were the OG shady girl’s method of choice. But nobody does that shit anymore. Instead of accidentally talking shit on Regina while on the phone with Regina, Karen would accidentally send a screenshot of a shady text convo to Regina instead of Gretchen in which she was talking shit on Regina. Poor Karen, being clueless is even harder when you have to keep up with technology.

6. Janice Finding Out About The Party Through Someone’s Instagram Selfie

While Janice was surprised to show up to Cady’s house and find a party, if the film was done today Janice would already know before she rolled up to Cady’s place. Why? Because Janice would’ve been casually scrolling through her Instagram feed after the art show and see that someone just posted a selfie of them taking a shot in Cady’s living room. That fucking bitch!

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