All the Crazy Clothes Celebs Wore to Coachella So Far

Unless you live underneath a rock or forgot to pay your wifi bill last month and your service was finally cut off, this weekend you probably scrolled through about 9,000 Coachella photos.

But I’m sorry because it’s my journalistic duty to show you just a few more. When a bunch of celebrities all show up to a giant party wearing insane outfits, we have to talk about it.

So without further ado, here’s a round-up of all the celebs who wore crazy shit this weekend. Behold them in all their splendor.

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phresh out.

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I actually have nothing bad to say about this, although Gucci’s decision to walk glittery ski masks down the runway was definitely representative of the YOLO death grip currently complicating celebrity fashion.

Despite this, Rihanna can wear absolutely anything and look like a goddess, so she gets a pass on this one.


4/15/17: Kendall at Winter Bumbleland Party in Rancho Mirage, California. – #kendalljenner

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Nobody knew how to dress for the Bumble Winter Wonderland party this weekend, but Kendall’s outfit was extra extra, don’t read all about it.

While I love a good old-fashioned spaghetti strap sequin dance costume, it’s not something that pairs well with plaid. Or hats.

Although if this was a purposeful move on Kendall’s part to make sure everybody in the room was talking about something other than her Pepsi ad, you nailed it girl.


She also wore this sheer thong fantasy with what appears to be a fanny pack and I’m here for it.

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Nobody I work with likes this outfit, but I love it.

Was it appropriate to wear to the Bumble party?

Maybe. Did you see what her sister Kendall wore?

That a rhetorical question. You obviously did, but you know what I mean.

Kendall got dressed like she was dared to put together the most mismatched outfit she could find, so we should consider it a miracle Kylie decided to go in the opposite direction.

Besides the idea of wearing snake-skin to a dating party?

Talk about an appropriate place to let your love of big anacondas be known.

highlighter hair 🌈

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Kylie also wore this.

Again, it looks like something that would better be suited for going to the club than festivating, but hey, it’s a lewk.

Hailey Baldwin

hangin @bumble 😛 #winterbumbleland #ad

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I love Hailey Baldwin more than literally anybody who isn’t related to her, fucking her, or friends with her, but I’m confused by this outfit.

Namely, why the set suit playing peak-a-boo under her pants?

Was it because she was frolicking in the water earlier on in the day, forgot to pack a pair of underwear and didn’t feel like free balling?

Or was she clearly trying to do the most with this outfit because it was for the Bumble party and as I’ve already discussed, everybody just decided to YOLO it when getting dressed.

I don’t know and I can’t even begin to deal.

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Katy Perry

been doing this since before you were a bloop in the womb

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Fancy athleisurewear is not a skill Katy Perry should put on her resume.



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Sunrise in full @sprntrlfrndgrpinc 😛

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Literally everything on here looks like something you would have seen Miley Cyrus wearing while she was doing promo for Bangerz in the best possible way.

These are the kinds of outfits you see on Dollskill, put in your shopping cart and then talk yourself out of buying them because where in Trump’s America would you possibly wear these?

Well done, ladies.

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Lexi Panterra

New team here and proud to be apart of it . Just opened for post and killed it at @theblinddragon Coachella party 🗝

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Full disclosure, I’ve never heard of Lexi Panterra until today, but she has two million followers on Instagram, so my gut tells me she’s famous for doing something.

Google tells me it’s singing and twerking in music videos, so there you have it.

Keep living your dreams, Lexi.

Amber Rose

#Hoechella 😍

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Hoechella > Coachella


Looks like a lot of Amber’s fellow celebs got the memo.

Next year, if you wanna look like a celeb at Coachella, just wear something you think a celebrity would wear to the club in a music video.

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