Simihaze Are Our Fave Supernatural Sister Act

Our mantra this month is the Sound of Sisterhood, and DJ/model duo and identical twins SimiHaze couldn’t embody that message any better.

We let these babely it girls interview one another, because no one knows you like your sister. Check out the dope interview and shoot below.

S: This is so weird, it’s like I’m interviewing myself, but it’s kind of cool because I always say, we should learn how to talk to ourselves rather than just listen to ourselves.

H: I feel like interviews always start with explaining what someone does. Is it frustrating to you when people ask what you do?

S: Only when they expect a one word answer, but otherwise no. It’s similar to when people ask where we’re from. It’s not that simple, it’s more like do you have the time to listen and completely fathom what my answer is – lol. It’s not a small talk question for me, what we do, or where we’re from.

H: Yeah. It’s not like oh hey are you guys twins. We do a hella shit because we’ve studied and have had experience in fine arts, film, fashion, and music. It’s all about building a 360 degree career because we live in a 360 degree world, and we’re visionaries, why would I limit myself to one thing?

S: Yeah I also feel like we function better when we’re doing more than one thing at one time. Like I always am reading 2 books at a time. While we’re DJing and traveling, we’re also working on our music project, on our clothing line, on a collaboration with a brand we love, on learning a new instrument, and on any miscellaneous art project.

H: Ha! Miscellaneous. That word is so accurate cuz it’s so random. We are pretty random sometimes. We’re actually working on an art installation right now, with our favorite professor from our university’s fine art’s school.

S: It’s so true. There’s always something pretty random that we’re doing. We do practice in turning something that we love into something a little more. For example, if I love a song, I’ll either make a mix based around the song or write a treatment, whether it’s a for a stage or music video. I feel like I’m really hard on myself when I’m not filling up my time with something productive. That’s why I picked up the guitar, among other reasons. I never want to be a person who’s just chilling, talking about people and events.

H: Yeah I think we’re hyper aware of that. We definitely keep each other in check as well. Reminds me of a line in that poem, “IF” by Kipling.

S: Yes!! “If you could fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run…”

H: “yours is the world and everything that’s in it”. Wow, that’s my favorite poem ever. I remember our grandma made us memorize it when we were like 8. I could read it every day and still take something different from it every time.

S: That time was so special. I feel like a lot of people are surprised when we play Spanish or Latin music in our sets but I think it’s definitely because of our Spanish summers growing up. We would visit our grandma in Cordoba, in Andalucia and spend a month there working at her museum, Casa Andalusi, then spend like 2 months in Ibiza with our grandfather who lived there.

H: Raving.

S: Ha! Little raver Ibiza kids. Not really (lol), but maybe a part of that is why we’re so good at the 24 hour lifestyle. My manager in NY will text me at 9 am and I’ll respond immediately. He knows we’re still up from the night before, but then we’re also up working early too. It all makes sense now, everyone says we’re energizer bunnies, we’ve always been this way!

H: I meannnn….we basically grew up in Ibiza. No, but I feel like we really did grow up everywhere, especially when we started traveling with mom for fashion week. We were exposed to so much at such a young age.

S: Isn’t it funny how we always said we would never want to do a clothing line and now…

H: Yeah but it kind of happened by accident. And it was never meant to start as a clothing line. Supernatural Friend Group Inc. started out as a joke.

S: It’s still a joke.

H: Yeah lol. The day it stops becoming a joke I think I’ll be done with it. We were sitting with our friends at the Bowery lobby like a year ago talking about doing something that celebrates our youth, our friendships and our mutual creativity, and how anything is possible when we’re together. We’re a super tight and supportive group of friends with a million ideas a day that are lucky to have platforms that reach millions.

S: Yeah. Then we started talking about how as young people, we’re more connected to “the source”, spiritually, and we all have a supernatural ability to see things, and colors, that aren’t there to the average person. We see potential and magic in every day and jokingly we were like…how funny would it be if it was called Supernatural Friend Group, and then add the Incorporated just cuz it’s illegal to have that in an actual DBA.

H: But I think what SPR really came from was this need to provide an infrastructure to materialize these ideas into something real and available to the public. I wanted to be able to sit at a cafe with a friend and have an idea for a sweater, a table, a piece of music, whatever it is, make it real and accessible immediately. There are no boundaries.

S: Yeah. I feel like this is turning into a conversation. Lets actually ask each other some questions. Speaking of abilities… what is a natural ability that you would want to have?

H: To have a peace of mind no matter what the circumstances are around me. I feel like I’m affected by what’s around me a lot, especially if it’s people that I care about. I just want to train my mind to have the tools to align myself with my intentions at all times.

S: Yeah, me too! Well that’s why they talk about the “monkey mind” in Zen Taoism. The nature of the mind is out of control, it’s to just be reactive.

H: What’s one thing you’ve learned recently?

S: Nothing ever goes as planned. I feel like that’s why we’re so spontaneous because there’s so much build up to plans that don’t end up happening the way we imagine them. But then again, even bad moments can work together for good.

S: Would you say there’s a common theme in stuff that we do?

H: For sure. In any of our art practices in general, even throughout school, there’s always intention and themes of identity and self, and how it relates to the larger picture of the world and how everything is essentially interconnected.

S: True. One thing great art, music, and architecture has in common is truth.

H: What is the most important thing you’ve learned throughout your work in all media?

S: I think, to consume information from unusual resources. In the end everything connects and the more connections you make the more interesting your work will become. Also, I’ve learned that most of the time limitations encourage creativity.

H: Yeah. I remember, in art school we learned to “Always design something by considering it in its larger context-a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment…”. That is a lesson I take with me everywhere I go. Context. Scale.

S: How important are the people you surround yourself with?

H: They’re a reflection of who you are. I feel we all learn from each other every day, and we inspire and support each other with no limitations. We’re definitely all each other’s biggest fans. What’s one thing you learned today?

S: Ummm…to be observant and to learn from other people’s mistakes a little more. Learning from your own mistakes all the time is expensive.

H: Ok time for some quick ones. What’s your favorite plant?

S: Ranunculus. What’s your favorite color?

H: I don’t really have one. Maybe blue. Green. I love a baby pink. What’s your favorite cartoon character?

S: Omg so hard! I love the powerpuff girls. Favorite…artist?

H: I can’t do that. Broadest I’ll go is a movement and that’s Light & Space. Favorite…scent?

S: Gardenia…or baby perfume…favorite lyricist?

H: Obv Frank Ocean. Fave Frank song?

S: Thats a crazy question. We All Try, ahhh maybe American Wedding. idk. We can’t neglect Nostalgia Ultra. Or, Endless. Endless is fire. Favorite song of all time?

H: These questions are getting crazy Simi. Why are you asking me ultimatum questions you know I hate these. Lets stop.

S: Hahah ok. Last one. Favorite thing about being a twin?

H: Someone that always knows what you mean. ​

Dress: MIMI WADE | Boots: Stylists own
Corset worn as top: MISBHV | Trousers FYODOR GOLAN | Shoes CHIARA FERRAGNI



Bodysuit: BARRUS



Photographer: Charlotte Rutherford at LMC Worldwide

Photographic Assistant: Thad Medford

Stylist: Toni-Blaze at LMC Worldwide

Fashion Assistant: Jessica and Steph Oldfield

Make Up Artist: Bea Sweet at LMC Worldwide using MAC Cosmetics

Make Up Artist Assistant: Rebecca Davenport

Hair Stylist: Kieron Lavine

Hair Stylist Assistant: Aaliyah Stoby

Manicurist: Michelle Humphrey at LMC Worldwide using Models Own

Set Designer: Aidan Zamiri

Assistant: Evie Somerfield

Production: Luke Miley for LMC Worldwide

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