Selena and The Weeknd Dipped Early From a Coachella Party

Duty-bound to celebrity norms, Selena and The Weeknd put on their most photogenic outfits and high-tailed it to Coachella this weekend.

They came, they saw, they canoodled in public, and everything was going just fine, until the Coachella party they either wanted to or had to attend rolled around.

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On Saturday night, Selena and Abel attended the Neon Carnival party, which has been dubbed by some as the “Vanity Fair party of Coachella’s first weekend,” and takes place on a private airport tarmac which gets tricked out as, believe it or not, a neon carnival.

And if that sounds lame to you, well then you’re obviously on Selena and The Weeknd’s wavelength.

Despite the fact that a veritable who’s who of celebrities came out to paint the town neon – Drake, Rihanna, and the two Jonas brothers whose names you know – Selena and Abel were not feeling it.

Especially Abel whose rose-colored glasses apparently failed to do diddly squat.

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April 15: Selena left the Neon Carnival party in at #coachella2017 in LA

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So after he finished his “surprise” performance, the two lovebirds decided they were dunzo and dipped early, which is a shame because I’m sure not enough people got a chance to see their coordinated take on gender non-normative clothing.

The Weeknd wore a denim jacket covered with floral patches and Selena wore a nondescript oversized black fleece jacket that I’ve practically fallen asleep describing.

Oh well.

Maybe next time.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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