Watch Trump & Ivanka Laugh at Him Being Called a ‘Sexual Predator’

In the past week, a LOT of information and accusations have come out about Donald Trump being as skeezy as he is repulsively orange.

We’ve found out he’s talked about how chill it is to just grab women by the pussy, he’s been accused of sexual assault by seven women, one of whom he recently may have implied didn’t have the looks for that to possibly be true, and he once said it was okay to call his daughter a piece of ass.

As if all that isn’t enough, now footage has been uncovered by the New York Post of that one time on the Howard Stern show, Trump got called a sexual predator and his response was to laugh and silently mouth, “That’s true.”

In 2006, Trump and Ivanka went on the Howard Stern show to promote the latest season of The Apprentice and about 21 minutes into the interview, Stern says to Trump, “Donald, seriously, you know about sexual predators and things like that,” to which his co-host added, “You are one!”

Trump’s response?

A big, shit-eating grin.

Ivanka’s response?

An even bigger, shit-eating grin.

Granted, all of these things happened in the past, but if Hilary Clinton should be held accountable for all of her past political decisions, why shouldn’t we hold Donald Trump accountable for all his past cases of sexual assault and misogyny?

Also, let’s just pour one out for Ivanka right now because girl is clearly crazy brainwashed and needs a lot of help.

[H/T New York Post]

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