Ivanka Trump Faved a Tweet About Her Dad Calling Her a ‘Piece of Ass’

Yesterday, while the rest of us were getting drunk so we could watch the debate without wanting to hit our heads against a wall, Ivanka Trump was busy favoriting a tweet about how her dad once said it was “OK” for other people to call her a “piece of ass.”

The quote comes from a riveting 2004 interview between Trump and Howard Stern.

“Can I say this,” Stern asked in an attempt to figure out how outrageous he could be when describing the hotness of Trump’s daughter in front of him, before landing on the prefect descriptor, “a piece of ass.”

“Yeah,” a chill Trump replied.


Honestly, the only thing worse than the fact that Donald said it was chill for some gross radio personality to call his daughter a piece of ass is that Ivanka also thought it was chill for her father to do that.

Seriously, what is in the water at the Trump household?

[H/T Todd Dracula]

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