Violet Chachki wants you to always be confident in yourself

Our newest Cover Star, Violet Chachki, has come a long way since winning Ru Paul Drag Race season 7 (which is, undeniably, a huge deal). 

For one, Violet currently is performing a major cabaret and aerial burlesque tour with none other than Miss Dita Von Tease. Violet has also closed a Moschino Fashion Show not once, but twice (we actually to see them close the SS19 show and it was pure magic). Chachki is constantly traveling the world to showcase their talent.

Violet is, yes, extremely talented, but they don’t let their platform go to waste like some artists. They find that it is important to use their art and voice to discuss many of the issues that non-binary individuals deal with on a daily basis – especially in their newest music video.

Violet’s fans love them for so many reasons, but I believe that it is mainly because of their persistence of always remaining positive. Violet brings a lot of light to the non-binary community on a very public and large platform – they know how important it is to stay confident, regardless of constantly being misgendered, people who don’t understand, and the negativity that is shed on gender fluidity.

They’ve proven that you don’t have to follow the rules of society to be successful. You can be exactly who you are and change the world.

We got to catch up with Violet backstage at the Moschino SS19 Fashion Show in Los Angeles to talk about Pride, their new music, Moschino, and their favorite highlighter. Check out the exclusive photoshoot and interview below!

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You have a new music video out! Can you tell us about it?

Yes! It’s for my new song, “A lot More Me.” Everyone thinks the lifestyle I live is so glamorous, but it’s really not. It’s a lot of trains, planes, buses, and lugging around suitcases – so, for the video, we kinda wanted to glamorize the non-glamorous parts and have this reality vs. fantasy dialogue.

People think that what I do is so glamorous, but it’s really only glamorous for the five or ten minutes I’m on stage. We wanted to explore that aspect and show what I go through day to day – you know, dating as a gender-nonconforming person, traveling, and being misgendered. It’s really difficult for a lot of people, but I know I can speak for me personally and for the queer community.

We wanted to show strength and show support for the community, as well.

This is the first time you’re releasing music since 2015. How did it feel getting  back into the music scene?

This is the first time I’m releasing music since 2015! But the funny thing is, I’ve been sitting on this track for about two years now! It’s taken so long, but I don’t know if I would call what I do “the music scene.” For me, it’s about having a fully realized persona and for people to see the world of Violet Chachki – what does that look like, sound like, and mean politically?

And for me, that’s what it’s about. I think it’s really important to have original content and to have a soundtrack that goes along with the visual. I’ve always said that with my past music projects. I don’t necessarily consider myself a musician, but I’m an artist, creating content, creating art, and pushing where drag can go.

What was the art direction inspiration for your newest music video?

We had an amazing director – Love Bailey. I’ve been following her for a long time now, and I’ve been such a fan. We’re both really into surrealism and glamour, and we both wanted to take the reality of drag and of being a drag superstar and push the limits. We made it a mind trip – we have lots of mirroring and things are doubled.

Pretty much things get really trippy. We take you to the other dimension with the fantasy portion. I’ve been working on this for a really long time and I’m just so happy with the way it turned out.

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You got to close two Moschino Fashion Shows! Was that a total dream come true?

Absolutely. The house of Moschino has been around for so long and it’s been a pop culture reference forever. Jeremy is so amazing. I’ve been following his journey, and I was so excited when he was appointed head of the house. It really is a dream come true.

I always pictured myself working in the fashion industry, but I never pictured it this way. I figured it would be more behind the scenes work, so closing the show was a full circle moment for me.

People are saying that this is Jeremy Scott’s best collection yet – would you agree?

I mean, I think the reason he had me walk – I’m not going to say the collection was inspired by me, but it is very much up my alley and totally my thing. The collection is gender non-conforming and gender fluid. It’s a glam meets fetish aesthetic. I would wear everything in that collection, and that doesn’t happen all the time.

So, yeah, personally I would say it is his best collection. The mix of fetish and glam is what I do as a queen and in my work. Everything in the show I would wear, and that says a lot, because I’m super picky (laughs).

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You have a very authentic style, how did you create your look and aesthetic?

I never really wanted to look like a woman, I wanted to look like a drag woman. I wanted to look like a drawing of a woman. I’ve always been influenced by fashion illustrators such as Patrick Nagel, René Gruau, and René Bouché. I just always want to look really graphic. It blends into the fetish aesthetic as well as glamour. Those are the things I rely on.

They are shocking and provocative. You can do a lot with that aesthetic – you can play. You know, I try new things, but I always seem to just go back to a classic red lip, because it’s just so timeless. I love timeless things. I love vintage aesthetic. I like things that will never go out of style. The worst thing is when you look back on a photo of yourself and you’re embarrassed what you’re looking like because it’s so trendy and of the times.

Who are your fashion inspirations?

I would have to say my biggest is Dita Von Teese. I’ve looked up to her for so long, and now we work really closely together! She actually makes a cameo in the video. The 90s is also my biggest fashion inspiration. It was the peak for me – it’s everything I love. John Galliano for Dior and Pat McGrath.

There so many people. Oh, and of course all the illustrators I mentioned before.

Would you ever design your own clothing line?

Absolutely! I actually went to school for design before I dropped out to be a drag queen. I love design and I design a lot of my own clothes. I think is the biggest problem I would have with designing my own line is I would get to jealous (laughs). Designing clothes for other people is not as fun as designing for yourself. I’m a little selfish in that way. I need to learn to share my designs.

Seeing some of your performances, such as your acts on Ru Pauls Drag race, you are very confident. What’s your biggest key to expressing yourself?

Well, I think confidence is what drag is about. That’s was brought me to drag in the first place. It’s all an illusion – everything is really false and fake. In order to carry that, you have to have an insane amount of confidence. I also think being a queer person takes a lot of confidence to navigate through the universe.

Drag is so empowering. I almost feel like a superhero. You put on a costume just like superman. You put on these insane outfits and it just makes you confident. You get to pretend to be someone else. It’s a really magical thing if you let it be. I’ve always had to be confident and having the tools to bring it out is really important.

Your look is always so on point. Are there any particular colors in your palette that you always stick to?

I could do my face with five products. I really think less is more sometimes. Right now, I’m on a very neutral face with a red lip. Before, it was blue eyeshadow and glitter lips. I was doing a twenties thing before that, but now I’m really into a fetish moment. I really think contrast is best.

I love white, black, and red. Those three colors make such an impact and don’t need much product. I have so much makeup and I really only use like five products.

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What’s your favorite highlighter?

I love Pat McGrath’s highlighters.

What is the worst makeup trend that you have ever tried?

I mean, brows. All the eyebrow trends are just, like, getting out of hand.

What are the best makeup product you have ever used?

Stila liquid glitter eyeshadow. It looks like diamonds and it’s the easiest thing to use. Whenever I go to ULTA, I buy a ton of them, because I’m always afraid they are going to discontinue them and I need them.

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If you could only have three beauty products for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Diamond dust by Stila, black eyeliner, and a red lipstick. 

What’s next for you?

Well I start touring Europe next week, I’ve got another video coming out, and I really want to get a residence for my show.

Creative Direction by Lisa Yoo 

Photography by Vijat Mohindra

Production Design by Shane

Production Assistance by Simone

Styling by Sammy K

Hair by Amber Kerns

Make Up by Mikayla Gottlieb

Nails by Reina Santos

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