VIDEO: Sofia Richie Speaks Up

We’ve all seen the paparazzi photos, and we all know her famous family members and former flings — but how many of us have really heard Sofia Richie speak for herself?

During our interview with the budding model and it girl, we kept the cameras on to capture aspects of Sofia’s personality that you can really only pick up by meeting her, or on vintage, Andy Warhol-approved Super 8 film :).

Sofia is rough around the edges, super confident, 100% herself — and honestly pretty irresistible. You’re gonna be wishing this modern-day Mae West was your bestie.

Watch below and revisit our shoot and cover interview with Sofia here.


Directed by Prince + Jacob

Director of Photography: Elena De Santiago

Interview: Maria Pasquini

Styling: Gabriel Held

Hair: Kirsten Bode

Makeup: Colby Smith

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