Sofia Richie Is Just Getting Started

Even though Sofia Richie’s 18th birthday was an event newsworthy enough to be mentioned in just about every publication around, it’s somehow easy to forget how young she is.

Although her name is often prefaced with “Justin Bieber’s former fling” or “Nicole’s little sister,” Sofia Richie doesn’t let the signifiers rattle her self confidence she’s grown up with a spotlight on her so she could honestly care less about how other people chose to define her. 

Maybe it’s because when you grow up famous you have no choice but to figure things out a little quicker, or maybe it’s just because Sofia Richie is one of the lucky ones.

One of those rebels with all the chill.


Do you ever get really nervous when the paparazzi catch you hanging out with somebody or could you not give a flying fuck?

Oh no, I really could care less. They’ve been talking shit to my family forever so I’m used to it. I think it’s funny. I really just laugh everything off. Everyone’s always like, “Are you okay?” and I’m like, “I’m okay. Are you okay? You clearly care more than I do.”

Young girls can really struggle with coming out of their family’s shadow and that must have been even harder for you having such a famous dad and sister.

Yeah, I mean I went through it for a really long time, just feeling really in their shadow, but I grew out of it. I tried to separate myself as much as possible, figure out what I liked to do and how to get it done my own way instead of having them consistently helping me out. It’s a work in progress, but I’m trying.

People say our generation is more self-absorbed because of social media, do you think that’s true?

Yes, I definitely think that’s true. I think people can make their lives look really different on social media, not saying that’s a terrible thing, but people are very different on social media than they are in real life.

Are you like that – different on social media than you are in real life?
I try not to be, like I make a point to try and be very myself.

Do you think girls look up to you for that?
It’s hard for me to think that people look up to me, but yes.

It’s difficult at any age to exude as much self-confidence as you do, but it’s an especially hard thing to do as a teenager. Do you ever worry that that self-confidence can come off to people as you being intimidating?

Yes. I don’t mean to be intimidating ever, and I don’t think I am, but some people tell me I am and I don’t know why – I really can’t figure it out.

Do you have any beauty rules that you always follow?

Yes. I’m a freak about washing my face because when I work I have makeup on, then I take it off, put it on again, and I don’t know what brushes are dirty so I’m a freak when I get home. I have my Lancer kit that I use every night, every morning.

Can you remember a time somebody gave you advice about being a girl that was just 100% bullshit?

Yeah. One of my best girlfriends told me, “You know what? The only way to figure out what you really want is to put it all out there,” and I don’t know how old I was, I think I was like 10 — yeah I was 10, and I met this guy and she told me to just go up to him and tell him I really liked him. So I did, he shot me down, and after that I was like, yeah I think I’m gonna be a little more self-protected from now on.

How long does it take to spot a fuckboy from the real deal?

In about 35 seconds. Actually no, it takes longer, because there’s professional fuckboys and terrible fuckboys, who’ll just come out with a one liner, so it depends. And that’s why you can’t just jump into being with a guy, you have to feel it out.

What’s the best way to your heart?



GHV Dior necklace | Moschino Couture courtesy of Aeffe





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Betsey Johnson top and scarf | Versace shorts | Chanel earrings all courtesy of Gabriel Held Vintage

Photography: Jacob DeKat

Creative Direction: Prince Chenoa
Styling: Gabriel Held
Hair: Kirsten Bode
Makeup: Colby Smith

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