It’s Only The Beginning For Sofia Richie: The It-Girl Takes On Fashion Icon

When you’re 16-year-old Sofia Richie, the world is yours. Between her superstar musician dad, Lionel, and her world-renowned fashion mogul sister, Nicole, Sofia has the opportunity to be anything she wants to be, and she’s definitely making good use of it. She’s had an unbelievable year, being deemed official ‘it-girl’ of 2015. Her modeling career is soaring, and her outfits have catapulted her into the fashion icon stratosphere with street style photographers capturing her every look. It’s all just beginning for Sofia, and the world is ready for this fashionista more than ever before.

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Unif Crop Top, Nasty Gal Bra, Vivienne Westwood Jacket, Faubourg Du Temple Shorts, Tommy Hilfiger Underwear & Vida Kush Jewelry

What do you think of the term ‘it-girl’? 

The term ‘it-girl’ is very exciting, but at the same time is a lot of pressure. The fashion world moves fast and it’s intense–in a good way!

How were you discovered as a model?  

I modeled a few times a few years ago, but nothing like in this last year. My manager, Alex Avant, no doubt took it to another level. It helps because he’s super close with my dad and grew up in the entertainment world, so there’s trust there. His dad and my dad go way, way back.

Is modeling similar to high school with its cliques?

Well, I don’t go to a normal high school! I go to a special program that provides the same education, but allows me more time to do my day job because it consists of long hours and travel. But modeling matures you rather quickly. As far as cliques go, I have my super tight group of friends–we’re down for each other.

Do you have a high school sweetheart?

No high school sweetheart!

What is your take on reality TV? Would you ever do it?

A reality show could be super cool if it was actually reality! It all depends on the objective and the central story, and who would be in it, obviously.

Who is your ultimate style icon? 

The Olsen Twins are super cool. I’ve watched them grow their empire.

What don’t we know about Sofia? 

I loved playing tennis when I was younger. It’s been forever since I played though!

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

 Unif Tee, Tommy Hilfiger Underwear, Nasty Gal Jeans, Vida Kush Earrings, Diesel Vest & Belt

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Adidas Jersey, Young And Reckless Crop Top, Mink Pink Pants, Target Sunglasses, Vida Kush Necklace & Tommy Hilfiger Underwear

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Mink Pink Crop Top, Vida Kush Earrings, Tommy Hilfiger Overalls & Underwear

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Dimepiece LA Jersey, Vivienne Westwood Pants & Vida Kush Jewelry

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Vivienne Westwood Coat, Tommy Hilfiger Underwear, Vida Kush Earrings, Dimepiece LA Top & Hat

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Unif Dress, Diesel Jacket, Target Sunglasses & Vida Kush Earrings

Galore Mag Sofia Richie

Photography and Creative Direction by Prince + Jacob

Styling by Alexandra Mandelkorn

Makeup by Cherish Brooke Hill using Nars

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