This Artist Turns Celeb News Into Art As it Happens

The news comes at you fast these days, thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But do you know what would make news items more fun? Great graphics.

A London-based artist known as “The Poop Culture” makes online artwork based around the day’s news and pop culture, starting each morning with a healthy viewing of “The Wendy Williams Show.”

We sat down with the artist, Ozlem, 25, to talk about how she got involved in illustrating the news, the first celeb she drew, and what’s next for her.


Where are you from? How has that influenced your artwork?

I’m from London. Growing up in such a colorful, vibrant metropolitan city really has really influenced my style. I love people watching, it’s so inspiring.


How did you get involved with doing graphics?

I did textiles and surface design at university and it’s all stemmed from there really. In my third year I designed fashion and hip hop wallpaper and loved the reaction it got. I just really like making people laugh, so that’s what I try to achieve with my illustrations.

What is your primary medium and method?

I watch “The Wendy Williams Show” every morning with a latte. That is my ritual. Then I scour the internet for topical news stories and make a list of all the illustrations I’m going to do. I use Adobe Photoshop mostly and Illustrator occasionally. Pop culture news stories tend to move pretty fast and I need a medium that allows me to work fast and stay on trend with all the breaking stories. I also love making gifs.

Who was the first celeb you drew? Why did you choose them?

The first celeb I ever drew was British Fashion Designer Zandra Rhodes. I was invited to her studio in Bermondsey after I wrote to her and she sat for me as I drew her and she told me wonderful stories about her life and amazing career. She even invited me to a fancy party at her gallery the next evening.


If any celeb could be your BFF, who would it be?

At the moment I’d have to say Ariana Grande, I’ve been playing her album non-stop whilst working and she’s been inspiring me. Also loving Keke Palmer and Bella Hadid at the moment — wouldn’t mind hanging out with any of them.

If you were one of Kylie Jenner’s many hair colors, which would you be and why?

I was a big fan of her hair when it was candyfloss pink, that needs to happen again.

What was the craziest pop culture moment of 2016 in your opinion? Why?

Donald Trump winning the US presidential election, I remember hearing the news… still in shock to this day.

What is your ultimate dream job?

My dream job is ultimately what I’m doing now on a larger scale. I want to continue illustrating for different publications, start working on magazine covers, have my own app, and a range of products that are sold worldwide. And be an influential social commentator who travels worldwide.

So do you make enough money doing graphics to support yourself? Or do you work somewhere else also?

Not yet, but I’m getting there. I work part time at a bar in a restaurant. So cliche, I know, but I make money freelancing and I have a few ideas for the new year, so watch this space.

Have celebs ever commented on your work?

No celebs have commented on my work, but I live in hope.

What makes you different from other internet-style artists?

I don’t know, I guess its the fact that I’m not only an internet artist… I’m becoming a brand.


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