Highlights from Last Night’s Girl Cult Dinner with Keke Palmer

Last night, Galore hosted a VIP dinner at the new Catch LA in celebration of our latest cover girl, Keke Palmer. Because it was our Girl Cult issue, we gathered some of our fav girls – from YesJulz to Icona Pop to Chantel Jeffries – to have a conversation on the importance of girl power. Read on to see some pics of all the babes and check out their inspirational quotes on why girls rule and boys drool.

Keke Palmer

“The most important thing is confidence, and not being afraid to flaunt your stuff.”


“Girl power is important to me because women are the center of the universe and when we unite and do well together, the world is a better place.”

Amira, Louisa, Nadine

Fierceness is the key to everything. You gotta rock it, baby!” – Nadine

Sami Miro

“It’s important for girls to be passionate about what they do, make money, pursue their dreams, and enjoy life.”

Chantel Jeffries

“Being fearless and sticking together.”

Icona Pop

“We’ve come far but [there’s] still a long way to go. Our band is here to make a change. We grew up with our moms – for us, it’s always been in our blood to be a feminist. But people think it’s a negative word. So we’re here to teach.”

Karissa Rowe, Amanda Steele, and Taylor Snook

It’s important to empower each other and not compete. Girls are the best. Girls are amazing!” – Taylor.

Eden XO

“Girl power mattered when I was a little girl when I loved the Spice Girls and it still matters now. You have to vote in this election!”

Kit Keenan

“The most important part about girl power to me is having a wide range of girls included in what girl power means to everybody.”

Harmony Carter

“Girl power is so important. We all have to stick together. Girls are the best!”

Diamond White

“Without all of the amazing women behind all the powerful men…there’s always that support system. And just girls on their own, they can do so much more than anyone would ever expect. Girl power is important because it literally helps the world spin.”

Interview and photos by Maddie Cordoba

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