YesJulz Tells Us Why She Has a Thing For Women in Charge

This Miami resident, dubbed the Director of Vibes, will have you wanting to party until the sun comes up and then go and do some charity work. Julieanna Goddard, better known by her viewers as YesJulz is using social media, mainly Snapchat to share her day-to-day experiences as a member of Generation Y. A promoter of chasing dreams, female empowerment, crazy adventures, and conscious change, YesJulz is the it-girl to watch.

What makes a great social media post?

It depends on who is posting and who their audience is, everyone has a different recipe. Using crisp, colorful images is a great way to keep an interesting social media profile. Memes are hilarious too, but I connect best with my following when I share something personal. My best posts are always from the heart. Corny, but true! 

Out of all the apps you use, what is your fave?

I love Snapchat but I may have to say Viber. I use it to communicate with my agency and the nearly 1 million people that tune into our public chat everyday. It’s really special and a territory that no other app has yet to explore.  

“I have a thing for women in charge.”

What song is on repeat right now for you?

I can’t stop listening to the song “Motley Crue” by this new group called “They.” Their sound is incredible. 

Who are your icons? 

I have a thing for women in charge. Madonna, Oprah, Patti Smith. All the strong, intelligent risk takers that paved the way for women like me to be able to be fun, smart, and sexy without shocking the world. I get to focus on breaking down other barriers now.   

What makes for a good party?

A room full of fun people that came to dance and a DJ that gives them the perfect sound track to do so. I could throw the best party you’ll ever go to with nothing but a venue and music. It’s all about the energy in the room & if i’m there, the energy will always be right.  

You are the Queen of Miami. How did this come about?

Am I really the queen? I guess it may seem that way because I am so loud about my movement. I am telling the world my ideas and they are watching me make them a reality. This city has a bevy of intelligent, creative woman ready to show the world what they’ve got. I am just making the lighting guy back stage aim in our direction.It’s our turn to shine, to represent our city. When I got here Miami was ran by men and in many ways still is. I’ve been on a mission to challenge that and questions like this make me feel good. It shows me people are paying attention. Theres a lot more to the women in the 305 than knowing a bottle service menu by heart or having the best ( and well tanned) back ends in the country. All the “look at me I’m pretty” shit had to go. They are looking at us ladies! Now what do we have to say?  

What is your beauty regimen? 

You aren’t going to like my answer to this question, I am really horrible with this stuff. I wear hats & sneakers every day & get so tired at my parties that I fall asleep with my makeup on often. The one thing I do indulge in beauty wise is my mascara. Can’t leave the house without it!  

 The YesJulz Lash Regimen: 

1. Curl eyelashes  

2.Define & lengthen lashes with Mac’s Prep Primer for lashes  

3.Let the primer dry for 5 minutes then apply Dior Blackout Mascara as second coat.  

Photography by Brendan Forbes

Styling by Sarah Akiba

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