You Have To Visit This New Celeb Packed Restaurant In LA

If you’re a New York foodie or celeb-watcher, you’ve certainly been to Catch. The Meatpacking District based restaurant is known for it’s amazing Seafood and also as an exclusive nightlife destination that hosts your favorite celebs (Leo Dicaprio is a regular).

The masterminds behind Catch, otherwise known as EMM Group, have recently launched a LA location of the world-renown restaurant after also launching in Dubai and Playa Del Carmen.

We caught up with Mark Birnbaum and Eugene Remm, the founders of EMM Group, to talk the hot new LA location, the must-haves at Catch, and what celebs you can hope to run into when you pay Catch a visit.

Tell us about the process of opening Catch in LA. Will there be a difference between your Dubai menus and your NYC menus?

The process has been a long but well worth the wait process. We signed the lease on 8715 Melrose Ave Over three years ago. Then we opened in Dubai and Playa del Carmen and now LA is ready. The menu will be the same as NYC with a few additions that are more LA-centric, like a vegan menu. However, NYC is also adopting the vegan side too, so thanks to LA we have it all over the world.

What’s the worst thing someone’s ever cooked for you? Is a woman who can’t cook unattractive to you?

The worst was an Italian girl (from Italy) cooking her specialty from home. [I had] high expectations and it was bad. What a buzz kill that was. I don’t need a girl to be a good cook but it’s certainly a plus if she is.

With Hollywood being the movie capital of the world, what starlets can we expect to see dining at Catch?

I’d say all of them as we are a place that all celebs enjoy in NYC and non celebrities alike. We have already had quite a few but we are not one to name drop.

Sofia Richie attends the Audi Celebrates The 68th Emmys at Catch LA. #SofiaRichie #Audi #Emmys #StyleandSociety #Event #Party #CatchLA #Style

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Who would be your ideal dinner guest at the last supper at Catch LA?

If it’s the last supper I’d like to assemble my family and then Larry David.

What’s an easy dinner recipe that a Galore girl who isn’t kitchen savvy (like myself) could do in 30 minutes?

You could make the truffle mushroom pasta or perhaps the chicken lettuce cups.

Shake Shack or In N Out? What’s your favorite fast food?

Shake Shack for me, but Corner Bistro in NYC still takes the…burger (cake).

Catch is all about seafood, what is the one dish everyone must try?

You must try the truffle sashimi and the lobster Cantonese.

Eat Good.

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What do you guess the next trendy food will be? And how much do you love/hate kale?

I don’t mind kale as a base in a salad. The next trendy food [will be] all things simply prepared without butter and sauces. And for dessert is vegan ice cream! Just ask Craig from Craig’s across the street.

In LA we are all Gluten Free, Paleo, blah, blah, blah…What dish can us girls with funny tummies try?

Try our not crab-crab cakes made from hearts of palm.

Where would you love to see Catch open next ?

Vegas and London.

Tell Us more about EMM Group  and all you guys have going on.

We are focused on maintaining Catch and Lexington Brass in NYC. Plus Catch Dubai and Playa del Carmen. Of course, we are really focused on launching LA the best we possibly can so it lasts forever. We only get one chance for that!

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