Watch Ariana Grande Rope Herself Some D on ‘Hairspray Live’

Musical theater isn’t for everybody and NBC’s forays into the genre have a tendency to be painfully bad, but last night’s production of Hairspray had something in it that every Galore girl can enjoy: Ariana Grande.

Ariana played a sweet little girl with glasses and pigtails named Penny Pingleton whose life changes after her BFF gets knocked out during a freak dodgeball incident.

There, with her best friend unconscious on the gym room floor, Penny meets her first black guy and instantly becomes woke — and turned on.

After about an hour of flirtation and plot development, Penny’s mother decides enough is enough and literally ties her daughter down to the bed to keep her from living her from doing anything PG-13.

But not to worry, because her gorgeous paramour Seaweed obviously comes to the rescue, and then Ariana rewards his efforts with some buck wild seduction.

Seriously look at those moves.


Ladies, don’t try these at home.

The handsome prince will stay to fuck you because duh, but you’ll just look crazy and he won’t call again.

You’re lucky you’re so famous, Ari.

Watch the whole thing here.

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