The Ultimate 420 Gift Guide For The Chic Stoner (Or The Non-Stoner)

I’ve never been a big 4/20 aficionado myself, but somehow since highschool I’ve always surrounded myself with stoners. Maybe it’s because I like to feed off their chill energy, or because I definitely prefer a high person to a drunk person.

My favorite 4/20 memory was probably when my high school boyfriend (who also sold weed) came down the stairs wearing a shirt from Spencer’s that said “Keep Calm And Hit The Bong” to celebrate the holiday. I roasted him mercilessly and he ended up changing. I still feel kind of bad that I shit on that stoner’s favorite holiday. 

So, to repent, this 4/20 I’m showing you tons of 4/20 friendly merch that is way more chic than something you’d find at the mall. And, you definitely don’t have to be a stoner (or even a smoker) to enjoy a lot of this stuff. Case in point: me.

1. A pot brownie flavored balm that is seriously sensual 

Trippy Lips Pot Brownie Salve, $45 (use code: TRIPPY20)

Alright, TBH, I’m pretty picky when it comes to lip balms. Most lip products seem to make my lips more chapped/dry in the end, other than good ol’ vaseline. However, this product from Trippy Lips is a treat every damn time I put it on. First off, it smells like brownies and you can keep smelling it very easily once it’s on your lips directly under your nose. But second, the consistency of this product is so soft and melt-y it honestly feels kind of sexual putting it on your lips (and yes, my boyfriend is a fan of kissing this product off me). This product isn’t specifically marketed as a lip balm, so you can use the CBD balm to soothe muscle pain, protect new tattoos, or just moisturize your skin. 

SHOP NOW (Use code: TRIPPY20) 

2. A bouquet of flowers (and the other kind of flower) for your stoner bae

smoke a tree save a tree bouqets galore

Lovepot Smoke a Tree, Save a Tree smokable bouquet, $75

I already mentioned Lovepot in a previous round-up, but the bouquet and packaging is just too damn cute to not plug them again. Plus, they’re doing a “smoke a tree, save a tree” promo for 4/20, which means that when you send one of their special bouquets, the recipient gets a tree planted in their name from One Tree Planted. Who said stoners weren’t responsible?


3. Edibles that you can take confidently (and chicly) 


Pantry Nite Bite Edibles, $25+, sold at dispensaries

If you’re like me, your idea of edibles revolves around your sketchiest friend and a brownie that might put you to sleep for 20 hours. Thankfully, since legalization, edibles have gotten a lot more legit (not to mention a lot more aesthetically pleasing). I, a non-smoker, had the pleasure of trying Pantry’s Nite Bite edibles the other night, and it was way more chill than the times I fell asleep wearing all my clothes. In fact, I sort of just felt like Homer Simpson in that GIF where he’s like, “I’m just a big toasty cinnamon bun,” except I didn’t have to be in bed to get that feeling. I slept great, and didn’t feel groggy in the morning at all. When I upped my dose to two bites, I definitely felt a little sleepier in the morning, but in a relaxed way rather than a stoned way. Oh, and the best part is: they’re all vegan! I’m looking forward to trying the rest of their treats.

You can shop Pantry at the below LA dispensaries:

4. A rolling tray that says “old Hollywood” instead of “college dorm room”

Playboy Rabbit Head Rolling Tray, $45

Not only does this rolling tray double as a chic coffee table accessory (or possibly a vehicle for munchies in bed?), it also makes for easy cleanup so that your dog doesn’t accidentally ingest the nugs that fell on the floor from last night’s blunt-rolling session.


5. A CBD face (or body) mask that smells more like candy than kush 


Truly Beauty Mary Jane CBD Glow Mask, $38 (currently on sale for $30)

Just so you know, this Mary Jane CBD Glow Mask from Truly Beauty smells nothing like kush—it smells like a candy shop, but in the best way possible. TBH, this product confused me a little bit because it’s marketed as a mask, but you’re supposed to leave it on rather than washing it off, which makes it seem like more of a gel or moisturizer. Regardless, it smells delicious, the packaging is super cute, and lots of reviewers claim that it gives them that good glow.


6. A smart bath bomb for the ultimate chill


The Make & Mary CBD Bath Bomb in Soul Shine, $20 (use code: GETMELLOW)

This female-founded, Portland-based brand takes CBD and incorporates it into a range of luxurious-looking and feeling, but still affordable products—from candles to serums to lube. I love that their signature bath bomb is square shaped so that it can sit right beside your tub without causing trouble. Getting a few of them to stack on your vanity is such a cute idea if you’re big on baths.  


7. A glam necklace for your one true love


BakedBaddie, Indica/Sativa Necklace, $20

Wearing your own name, or your boo’s name, is so last month. In honor of 4/20, or just as a subtle nod to your status as a ganja goddess, try one of these nameplate necklaces from Etsy.


8. A candle that smells like your stoner bae, but like, in a cute way

Boy Smells Kush Scented Candle, $32

Nobody—even smokers—want their apartment smelling like straight weed when someone walks in. But if you do like the smell of pot in a more tasteful way, you might want to check out Boy Smells’ Kush Candle, which blends cannabis with brushed suede and tulips for a high-fashion (pun intended) take on your typical stoner scent. 


9. A super soft tee to let everyone know your stance on smoking


Sugarhigh Lovestoned Only Stoners Tee, $78

If you’re looking for pro-stoner tees that are way cooler than the aforementioned Spencer’s Designs, may I recommend Sugarhigh Lovestoned? You can snag their styles on Revolve and they’re about to launch a new line just in time for 4/20.


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