Stoners tend to get freaky more frequently, according to a new study

Question: What’s better than weed and sex? BOTH.

According to this new study done by The Journal of Sexual Medicine, people that smoke more weed tend to have sex more as well. All of my weed lovers rejoice!

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Dr. Michael Eissenberg, the assistant professor of urology at Stanford University Medical Center, was the one who came up with the study. “Usually, people assume the more frequently you smoke, the worse it could be when it came to sex, but in fact, we learned the opposite was true,” Eisenberg said in this CNN article.

The study was conducted between 2002-2015. The researchers compared people who smoked weed to people who did not smoke. Both men and women who smoked weed showed “significantly higher sexual frequency compared with never users,” according to the study.

The study also showed that women who didn’t smoke weed reported having sex six times on average during the past four weeks while women who did smoke had sex 7.1 times on average. Men who didn’t spark up also said they had sex around 5.6 times in the four weeks while men who sparked on the daily reported having sex 6.9 times (tee-hee).

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Now before everyone gets too excited and starts googling how to get a medical marijuana card, correlation does not prove causation. What this means is even though there is a trend in smoking weed and having sex, smoking weed does not CAUSE people to have sex. It just might enhance the sexy-time mood or sexual state of mind.

Get your freak on my ganja girls! But don’t forget to practice safe sex <3


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