A bouquet for the sexy stoner in your life + 5 other things I loved in February

You deserve a Valentine’s Day gift. So if you forgot to get yourself a gift, or bae didn’t take your “subtle” hints correctly, here are some recommendations for things to spoil yourself with.

Lingerie that will make your ex cry

Photo by @ohsnapdennis

The End Carrie Bralet in red, $84 and It’s My Life Thong in red, $41

When I was in college, I felt like every girl had her nipples pierced. It was basically the 2014 version of “getting a haircut after a bad breakup.” Instead of a drastic cut or color, you got a barbell in your nip.

I never got my nipples pierced, because since college I’ve always thought of it as a lame post-breakup wild phase, but if you want to get the same hardware-nipple action without the pain and permanence, The End Lingerie has your back. Their latest lingerie is piercing-inspired and punky, but ultra-flattering and eco-friendly (they plant a tree for every product purchased).


A bouquet for the sexy stoner in your life (esp if that’s you)

Lovepot Kush On You V-Day Dried Bouquet, $135-165

Every girl loves flowers, even if she doesn’t admit it. Once a guy asked me if I liked flowers, and I told him I’d rather receive something that doesn’t die in a week. When he sent me flowers after I had a bad day, I still loved it and really appreciated it. If basic roses aren’t your thing and you happen to be dating a pothead, these 420-friendly bouquets from Lovepot are so fucking cute. Plus, they offer dry bouquets that’ll last you forever!

FYI, the nuggs in their bouquets are THC-free, which means they’re legal to ship to wherever you live! If you’re in LA or Vegas, you can shop fresh bouquets too.


Healthy cookies that don’t taste healthy — and ship nationwide

Provenance Meals Oatmeal Raisin Maca Chip Cookies, $26

I didn’t get to opening these cookies until the day before I left for Mexico, and once I opened them, I knew I had to finish them all before I left (I ended up bringing two with me in a Ziploc bag). I gave my friends the rest of my extra groceries, but I had to keep these for myself—they were just too good.

They tasted homemade and light, but with the chocolate-y, sugar-y flavor that you want when you bite into a cookie. I could munch on these all day (I literally did).


Cute activewear that’s the color of (self) love

Centric Activewear Yuki High Neck Sports Bra, $48 + Cece High Waist Everyday Leggings 3/4, $72

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again: nothing will motivate me to workout like new activewear does, and chances are it’ll help you too. This month I’ve been loving this set from Centric Activewear because it’s bright red and has a fun high-neck sports bra style. This set is definitely tight, so stick to your usual size or size up.


A comfy hoodie for your number one fan

Urban Sophistication Meet & Greet Hoodie, $120

You may know Urban Sophistication for their popular “social media harms your mental health” phone case seen on the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

But, did you know they also design clothing and non-phone accessories? This hoodie is perfect for the Belieber in your life, or just anyone who you wanna show a little extra stan love to.


A lash serum to add to your quarantine glow-up


Adonia Organics’ Lash Alive Serum, $59

I know I’m not the only one whose skincare routine has been helping them to maintain some semblance of normalcy during the year we’ve had. Here’s something fun to add to your evening routine: a lash enhancing serum that you don’t have to join a MLM to purchase. An independent clinical study conducted by AMA Labs found that use of this product resulted in a 64% lash improvement in 21 days and an 88% lash improvement in 42 days.

I’ve been using this serum for about two months now, and while it’s difficult for me to truly measure the difference (I made the mistake of not taking a before pic), I have had friends compliment my lashes and accuse me of wearing falsies when I was wearing plain old mascara!


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