How Much The Average American Spends On Rando Christmas Sh*t

The holidays can get expensive af.

Sure, you spend a decent chunk of money buying gifts for your friends and family (not to mention your bae), but it’s not just the gifting that dwindles your bank account. It’s the sexy elf outfit you buy for Santa bar crawls, it’s the ridiculous but necessary Christmas decorations you buy to make your tiny apartment festive, it’s the ingredients you buy to make Pinterest-worthy Christmas cookies.

In fact, you’re not the only one who spends way too much on random Christmas shit that has nothing to do with gifts. The average American spends $423 on Christmas decorations, food, and/or parties.

Holy shit?

I mean, $423 isn’t that much, but it also kind of is when you consider that you are spending half your rent on decorations that will only be in use for one month of the entire year (two months if you’re one of the early Christmas decorators).

If you’re a Christmas obsessive on a tight budget, ask yourself if you really need that gingerbread man shaped mug next time you’re at Marshall’s before you fill up your entire cart with Christmas-themed kitchenware.

And if all else fails, don’t forget that you can DIY! Or you know, not decorate your house like a billionaire housewife when you’re actually a broke college student.

Besides, there’s always next year! Just go to your fave holiday stores the day after Christmas and get all that shit when it’s on sale.

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