Everyone’s Already Listening To ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ On Repeat

If you were browsing any form of social media on Tuesday, you were sure to have seen some Christmas memes and posts.

“Huh? But it’s only November 1st, we still have Thanksgiving,” you probably thought to yourself.

But when Christmas-obsessives weren’t posting memes like the one above, they were listening to Christmas music. And not just any music, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” by Mariah Carey, to be specific.

Reddit user DD3566 noticed that there’s already been a huge spike in the song’s stats on Youtube, and it’s not even December yet.

I mean, can you blame them? It’s arguably the best fucking Christmas song OF ALL TIME (Kanye voice). And Mariah Carey is a goddess, obvi.

Are we too obsessed with Christmas? Maybe. Is it to distract ourselves from the current shit-storm that’s occurring within US politics? Maybe. Is it a diversion technique from aliens? Maybe.

God only knows, but either way, everyone better know all the words to this song by actual Christmas time, or I’m going to be really disappointed.

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