Kylie or Not, Terror Jr’s New Album Will Make You Feel Happy Drunk

Terror Jr., the trio perhaps better known by their unofficial nickname, “the band that might actually be Kylie Jenner,” just released their first album today. Well, technically, they’re still calling it a “project,” but it’s eight songs and available on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music so it’s basically an album, you feel?

But whatever label you wanna use, it’s called “Bop City” and it’s deliriously delectable.

“Bop City” is full of bright, effervescent pop songs about lust, restlessness and casual debauchery, with just a hint of dementia crackling through the AutoTune-filled vocals that fill each and every song.

Only it’s not like Kanye AutoTune, it’s like AutoTune lite — less aggressive, more like the shiny, hazy filter the world takes on when you’re one drink past buzzed, and all your everyday baggage melts away.

“Bop City” is the perfect soundtrack to driving around in your car during the middle of the day, playing in the shower full blast after a long day of work, or putting on in the background while you get high with your friends and talk about nothing and everything at the time.

It feels very young, very fun, and so short that as soon as it’s over, you’ll find your hand’s already reaching to press play again.

Certain songs stand out more than others, like “Little White Bars,” “Sugar” and “Come First,” but there’s nothing on here that’s head and shoulder above the rest or totally skippable.

According to the album’s press release, “Terror Jr was born on the first day of Spring . . . 3 seeds . . . Morphed together to create a demented flower. Growing on the edge of Bop City . . . They observed the people and wrote about their experiences as their own. Bop City is full of regret, attraction, ugliness, hope, and terror. Lots of Terror.”

Although the band’s first song, which was also dubbed a “project,” was listed on SoundCloud as having a slew of creators, according to V and the Fader, the band is made up of Lisa, the mysterious singer who could be Kylie, or anyone really, and two producers named Felix Snow and David.

Obviously, the mystery element is a huge part of Terror Jr.’s appeal, and it’s impossible to listen to “Bop City” without paying extra attention to all the lyrics, trying to find proof that the woman behind the AutoTune couldn’t just be anyone.

Honestly, some songs really do sound a lot like they’re being sung by a thinly-veiled Kylie Jenner, some songs barely sound like her at all, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t even matter because with or without Kylie, Terror Jr. is a band whose music is easy and fun to listen to.

They’ll make a name for themselves with or without her.


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