These are the signs you’re NOT over your ex

Breakups can go two ways: they’re either messier than your room/life after a blackout OR they’re as simple as going for that late night frozen snickers.

Still, whatever path your previous relationship took, there is always going to be some lingering until you either meet someone new or finally realize you’re a queen and you can make your own mark. But regardless, it’s over!

Time after time I have been a witness to my girls being hung up on a loser who wasn’t worth their time in the first place. Here are some signs you need to get your shit together and get a move on.

You still try to keep ties with his friends

Let me set the scene for you: you’re at a bar and see him with all of his friends over by the shot wheel. You might be tempted to go and chat up one of his bros to give them an update on how “great” your life is.

Warning: DO NOT engage. His friends are always going to have his back unless they’re trying to get with you, save your breath and start talking up the cutie playing skee-ball in the corner.

Because if I can give you any sort of advice, it’s this: guys are not like girls. They’re not going to go running to your ex to tell him everything you said. Instead, they are going to take every piece of info you give them and forget it five seconds later, like the upright golden retriever puppies they are.

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No matter what you’re doing, you want him to know about it

You keep posting Snap and Insta stories of borderline scandy pictures before you’re going out with your new look. You keep checking if he’s viewed it, and you low key want him to give you some attention from it.

You want him to know you’re out in the world doing your thing and want him to analyze everything about it through your cryptic use of emojis and shady captions.

But unless you’re pulling an Amber Rose and going full hedges on your Insta story, I can almost guarantee he’s just going to skim through it. And even worse, anyone else looking at your story who knows you’re fresh off a breakup will know exactly why you’re posting that bikini pic. Just FYI!

You’ve memorized his Instagram feed

He hasn’t posted on Instagram in exactly eight weeks but you still refer back to his page on the reg to make sure he isn’t being a petty bish who would delete all your old pictures together.

This is probably the biggest tendency I’ve noticed: light social media stalking. You follow his family on social media still. His sister tagged him in a post from a family dinner. Just as much as you want him to know what you’re doing, you NEED to know what’s going on with him. You piece together ideas from clues all over social media to try and get a sense to see if you’re doing better than he is or not.

The only advice I can give here is to delete him, his cousin, his great aunt, and all family ties to him on social media. Curiosity is the most dangerous thing when it comes to a breakup. You don’t want to accidentally like anything mid-creep either, everyone knows that means you lose.

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He’s a recurring topic on your finsta

Ahh good old finsta, a place where awkward encounters and thottiness collides. If you go through your last 10 posts and 4+ include a headline of anything to do with him, you are not over him girl. Finsta is finsta, you can post anything you want, I’m not taking that away from anyone, my most recent finsta has to do with an ex from 6 years ago hitting me up and me completely shutting him down.

It’s simple, don’t backlash but claim you don’t give a f*ck. You’re better than that.

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