TBT: Watch Justin Tell Selena He Has a Snake Named Johnson

Once upon a time, two baby pop stars enjoying their first blushes of headline-making fame named Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez found each other and fell in love.

The world probably would have cared about both of them separately, but together, they became a force of nature.

Sadly, their relationship crashed and burned because Justin Bieber lost his damn mind, but the world still cares about their former courtship because Justin and Selena still care about each other enough to publicly comment on each other’s Instagram photos and dating choices.

Anyway, back in 2011, before any of the trouble started, they were just two babies in love at the MTV Video Music Awards and Justin thought it would be a fun idea to tell Selena he has a snake named Johnson on broadcast television.

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“So uh,” Selena asks her boyfriend, whom for some reason she’s interviewing like she’s an MTV News correspondent, “Can you tell me what you’re wearing here, please?” “I’m -” Justin begins to say, before Selena interrupts him.

“Please talk about this,” Selena says, gesturing towards a small coiled object in Justin’s hand.

“I have a snake,” Justin says, holding out his hand to Selena.

“Stop, I know,” Selena shrieks, pushing his hand away before asking, “What’s your snake’s name?”

Sensing an opportunity to make an immature joke that would go over the heads of most of his pre-teen fans, Justin looks up at Selena and says, “My snake’s name is Johnson.”

“Okay,” Selena quickly responds, before immediately changing the subject before her bf can do something else to embarrass them on television.

Ah, the joys of dating a teenage boy.

Well fuck

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