Remember When Justin Bieber Punk’d Taylor Swift Just to Watch Her Cry?

Just in case you forgot, we’d like to remind you that once upon a time a seventeen-year-old Justin Bieber punk’d Taylor Swift just to see her cry.

We’d also like to remind you that Justin Bieber has always been a fuckboy, we were just too distracted by how much he looked like a baby Ellen Degeneres to notice.

Travel back in time with me, if you will, to 2012.

Punk’d was in its ninth season as a franchise, and Ashton Kutcher had recently stepped down as the show’s host, allegedly because he was losing too many friends.

Go figure.

Not to be deterred, MTV devised their own solution: they’d just employ a rotating cast of celebrity hosts.

That was Punk’d’s last season on MTV.

The genius solution didn’t work out as well as they hoped.

For one of Justin’s episodes, he decided that he really wanted to punk Taylor Swift because, as he explained to Jimmy Kimmel, “she’s such a sweet girl so I wanted to like, make her cry.”

So he decided to make her think “she broke up a wedding” by literally setting it on fire.

To accomplish this, Justin made Taylor set off a firework he claimed to have gotten imported from Japan, as they stood on the balcony of a lovely beachfront property, a few miles away from where a wedding was taking place on a boat.

Long story short, the boys made Taylor’s firework look like it hit the boat and T Swift slowly starts to freak out because how dare something happen to her to make her look like a villain.

Little did she know the things life had in store for her.

Justin never did get those tears he was hoping for, but that’s okay.

He didn’t deserve them anyway.

Watch the whole thing go down below:


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