TBT: Kendall and Kylie starred in an awkward ANTM photoshoot

Once upon a time in 2012, before Lady Kendall was named fashion icon of the decade and before King Kylie sat astride a lip kit empire, they were known to the world as Kris Jenner’s daughters/models.

Or at least that’s how they were identified in an old af clip from some international version of America’s Next Top Model.


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“Now I know that makeovers were a little rough for some of you this week,” Mr. Jay explained, his icy platinum blonde tips looking gelled as ever. “So I felt that you guys needed to meet with the ultimate momager just to help you guys out a little bit.”

Then boom, Kris Jenner walked out, looking resplendent as ever in a black pantsuit and her trademark hoop earrings.

And the crowd went wild.


Kris explained to the wannabe models that the girls would be posing as toddlers that day, because Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were busy and she needed somebody to crack the whip on.

And the crowd went noticeably less wild.

Explains Catherine, 21:

“I feel like a little bit nervous. Cuz I’ve never had a photo shoot like a toddler before. Like to be a baby and be beautiful and model-y as well, not just acting like a baby, is really difficult.”

And then, once the girls were already in hair and makeup, Mr. Jay let them in on an extra special surprise. They wouldn’t just be posing with Kris, they’d be posing with her “younger daughters.”

Enter Kendall and Kylie, dressed like Wednesday Addams.

Like true professionals, they looked incredibly unenthusiastic as they were asked, “so what is it like then to be a Kardashian?”

“It’s pretty amazing, not gonna lie,” quipped Kendall Jenner while playing with the tips of her fake pigtails.


“There’s always somebody there for you,” said Kylie Jenner, right after she stopped playing with the tips of her fake pigtails. “There’s like 10 people.”


And if you’re wondering, yes, the resulting photoshoot was weird and awkward.




Bless Tyra and her producers for putting this together.

[H/T Top Model Channel]

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