How to dress like the popular girls from your fav 2000s teen movies

I don’t care what lies you’ve told ourselves in the years since you graduated, but in high school we all wanted to be the popular girls. Or at least we all wanted to dress like them.

And that’s because the popular girls always wore all of the latest trendy fashions all the time, probably because they were the only ones at your school rich enough to buy them.

But do you know who was even cooler than the popular girls at your school? The popular girls from your favorite teen movies.

Here’s everything you need to know about how to dress like them.

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Get your thotty school girl on


It goes without saying, but the best way to dress like a popular girl from high school is to dress like a thotty schoolgirl.

It’s a classic for a reason.


If Love Pleated Mini Skirt, $3.99, Extra Credit Plaid Skirt, $38

Whether your vibe is super flirty or you’re too chained to your idea of being cool, there’s a plaid skirt that can work for anybody’s aesthetic.


TeeHee Women’s Fashion Over the Knee Socks (3 pair combo), $13.99, HASLRA Women’s Over the Knee Socks, $9.99.

And don’t forget knee socks. Nothing says I wanna make out against this locker til homeroom like a fresh pair of knee socks.

Dress like a cheerleader


TBH it’s kind of hard to do this without looking psycho if you’re not actually a cheerleader, but if you are, flaunt it.

People love cheerleaders. Plus it’ll save you 15 minutes in the morning. Uniforms are kind of a drag, but when it’s 7 AM and you still have an english paper to finish before first period, they can really come in handy.

Plus, even if you get in trouble for say, robbing a bank to finance your pregnancy, you’ll still look super cute.



American Apparel Gabardine Tennis Skirt, $48

Even if you’re technically not a cheerleader, you can still give off major vibes with this skirt from the recently resurrected American Apparel.

Strategically unbuttoned cardigans


As much as you like to think you dress like a turbo thot while you’re still in high school, your outfits are usually still relatively tame. At least compared with what you’ll be wearing in college in just a few years.

But if there’s one thing high schoolers love to do, it’s to show off their newly formed boobs in whatever they’re wearing.

Like say your mom makes you wear a cardigan to school.

After you walk out of the car, casually unbutton yourself until you can see the tip of the cleavage your push-up bra is working overtime to produce.

And if you’re not scared of showing your midriff to the world, you can always unbutton from the bottom too.


Sidecca Classic V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Button Cardigan, $16.90Sexy Cardigan Sweater, $8.50

Or if you *really* wanna be authentic, you can do like we did in the 200s and just buy a cropped cardigan. It looks just as thotty and lets you be 25% lazier. Every girl’s dream.

A flirty tube top with matching pants


Nothing screams I’m a rich bitch who eats guys like you for breakfast like a preppy pink tube top with matching preppy pink pants.

Pink is your friend in high school. Wear it now or forever lose your chance once you realize the good girl aesthetic looks bad with your skin tone.


Nasty Gal Cry Baby Strapless Top, $24.00, Missguided Pink Kick Flared Pants, $34.00

Even if your parents can’t buy you a castle, you can still look like a petty princess.

Statement sunglasses


Teens wear sunglasses too and they’re not afraid to experiment with the most outrageous sunglasses trends.

So stop being a pussy and just say yes to whatever pair you’ve doomed to an eternity of wish list purgatory.

Sure, you may regret it in 10 years, but who cares. You’ll regret not being fun more.


YHF Stephanie Transparent Aviators, $60.00

Drop dead gorgeous bb.

Literally buy anything that looks like it could have been made in the 2000s


Juicy Couture sweatshirt?

Sassy statement t-shirts?

Furry tops?

Plated mini skirts?

Yes. All yes. Buy ’em up, sweethearts.


No Doubt Just a Girl Tank Top, $14.99, Loyal Sequin Velvet Shorts, $12.90

In the 2000s, we loved wearing clothing with random words and phrases on them. Absolutely loved it! Especially if it was in rhinestones and on our butts. Seriously, ask anybody who was a teen in the 2000s.

And for Juicy Couture, check here. And if you want to satiate your pleated skirt fix, check here.

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A top that makes your boobs look great, but doesn’t quite fit you.


Like I mentioned earlier, a huge part of being a high schooler means showing off your cleavage.

And while some of us are blessed with the fearlessness to walk into a house party wearing a bra top that fits our surprisingly adult body perfectly, most of our efforts look a little more like the girl to Jaime Pressly’s right.

While the shirt she’s wearing probably fit fine when she tried it on wearing a t-shirt bra, once she put on a push-up bra, it got just a little too tight. You can tell by the fact that the thin line which should fit securely underneath her boobs if inching up towards her nipples.

But let’s just assume you all wanna look like Jaime Pressly instead.


Missguided Pink Velvet Crop Top $38.00, Missguided Blue Floral Print Bralette, $26.00, Missguided Nude Scoop Neck Slinky Ribbed Bralette, $17.00

Whether you vibe is slutty, cute, or Kim Kardashian, there’s a sassy bralette top that’s just begging to be worn to your next house party. Don’t waste it on some drunk football player who doesn’t even have the brain cells to remember your phone number.

Cute mini purses


High school is pretty much the one time in a woman’s life where she can get away with wearing a purse that doesn’t match her outfit and nobody will say anything about it to her.

Especially if she’s popular and the purse is so tiny it can barely even fit one lip gloss.


Sem Faux Snake Crossbody Bag, $39.00

And right now this cute ass mini bag is 25% off. Seriously, what’s holding you back?

Slap on a slip dress


A huge part of dressing like a popular girl from high school means wearing clothing that appeal to men and make you look like a feminine idol.

But if that sounds icky, just remember this: high school boys are really dumb. And if they worship you, they’ll legit do anything you want.

So find a girly sundress that fits your body to a t and get ready to make those boys fight over who gets to hold your books on the way to class.


Maybe you should start holding auditions for who your boyfriend should be. Just a thought.

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